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Thursday, 14 June 2018


TStv satellite TV service is gradually gaining ground in the Nigeria market. Before TStv was launched in Nigeria, lovers of the satellite TV services were restrictred to lesser choices revolving round DStv, MyTv, ArabSat, StarSat etc. However thanks to the digitization efforts of the Nigerian Government which have seen a lot more service providers of Direct-to-Home DTH satellite TV services spring into action.

TStv is one such digital satellite TV brand which has been recording steady rise in coverage, market penetration as well as patronage. Dealer offices and retail shops of TStv are opening up in many parts of the country.

The TStv Decoder Technology (Properties and Functionalities)

Similar to the DStv PVR Decoder Technology, the new TStv decoder has got impressive interactivity features which enables the user to personalize most of its services.

Features of TStv Decoder service

  • Personal Video Recorder PVR Functions: The new Telcom Satellite TV decoder has the ability to record, rewind and play at will live TV program. That is why it is called a PVR decoder. For instance, you may wish to attend to an important chore while watching a TV program. To ensure that you do not lose out, simply start recording the program while attending to something else. You just need a press of a single button to load the recorded TV program to watch them again and again.
  • TStv Decoder as a High Speed Internet Hotspot Provider: The TStv decoder is built on the HBB Technology which enables you to enjoy a wooping 4.5G internet capability Hotspot. This means that aside the primary functions of providing you with digital sdatellite TV signal contents, you are also home with a high class internet service provider ISP. Upon subscribing to your TStv channel bopuquets, you are awarded 20 Giga Byte (20GB) worth of internet data.

Other great Features of the TStv satellite TV technology

  • Play and pause your view at any time. You can also pause your subscription at any time. This allows for maximum value for your money by giving you control over how your subscription money runs. For instance, you may decide to pause your subscription if there is need to travel within ther period that your subscription is still running and active.
  • One month free Access to all Channels. As a new subscriber, you are entitled to all the channels on the TStv channel grid.  Irrespective of how much you pay for your first time subscription, TStv gives you all the channels for that one month.
In summary, TStv offers a multi-functional HD decoder with the ability to pause, record, rerwind and play TV programs...while connecting you to the internet on super 4.5G with data as much as 20G.

The last I checked, it costs less than NGN 6,000 to buy a complete set of RStv decoder, dish and installation accessories.

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