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Thursday, 28 April 2016


JoyTV is another digital satellite TV broadcasting service received by means of a specially encoded satellite decoder. Like the MyTV and few others, JoyTV is known for its free-to-air channels as well as its wide range of sports and movie programs on its platform. In my previous post, I gave out the complete decoder and satellite settings for MyTV. JoyTV is similar in a lot more ways to MyTV especially in their transmission technology. A good knowledge of how to install MyTV will also simplify your JoyTV installation tasks.

Installing a JoyTV Satellite Dish

Like I explained for the installation of MyTV and DStv, the same procedure is applied for the coupling and mounting of the satellite dish outside your home facing the sky. However, after mounting the dish, you need to track the JoyTV satellite signal with the help of a digital satellite finder. You must input these frequency and other parameters into the finder meter before scewing the dish to track signals.
Frequency:         12524
Symbol Rate:     27500
Polarization:       Vertical
With these settings and parameter values imputed, the meter is ready to detect signals from JoyTV satellite. Upon striking the right position, the meter reads and a high pitch sound is released. At this point, lock the dish in that position and conveniently check the signal quality by watching some MyTV free broadcast channels directly from your satellite meter. Then you are ready to connect the JoyTV brand of compatible decoder.

JoyTV satellite settings

Decoder Settings for JoyTV

As explained for MyTV, the above frequencies and other parameters are also required to configure your decoder to decrypt the captured JoyTV satellite signals. Simply follow these instructions;
After connecting the wire from the dish to the decoder and powering it, on the remote control, press MENU.  Go to DISH INSTALLATION. Go to MANUAL SCAN, then insert the frequencies and other parameter s as given above. Upon successful insertion of these values, the light on the decoder will turn green. Use the GREEN Button on the remote control to authorize the decoder scan by pressing the button. A successful scan will launch you into the world of super digital satellite channels from the JoyTV.


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