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Monday, 21 December 2015


A private survey has revealed that many users of android smartphones in the sub-Saharan Africa especially Nigeria are increasingly losing faith in the android technology of acclaimed smartphones. There are many reported cases of malfunctions, software crashes, hanging and sometimes complete irredeemable power failure with most of the notable brands of android phones in the Nigeria market. Buy a phone today and in less than one year, you cease to enjoy the mobile phone's services due to unexplained malfunctioning of the phone. What really causes these problems?
Could it be that sub-standard phones are being circulated in the entire sub-region? Or could it be that Africans especially Nigerians have not yet come to terms with the best ways to maintain sophisticated technologies like the smart mobile android technology? Although too many prescriptions have been offered as to the solutions, none have ever worked. We have seen prescriptions such as VIRUS attacks of which using appropriate antiviruses would tackle it. We have also seen the multi-tasking or overtasking of android phones which leads to hanging or instant crashing of the mobile phones in which RAM clean up was recommended. According to the survey, all the popular available android antiviruses were tried but never solved the problem. Several versions of RAM cleaners, unused application killers, disinfectants, de-fragmenting apps were used but the problems persisted.
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Different Brands of Smart Android phones
At some point in the investigation, it looked as if it would be a kind of hardware failure. All indications of healthy android Operating Systems and utility software were positive. When a phone's OS and apps are healthy yet the phone malfunctions, then there are possibilities of a hardware failure because, computers generally are simply a hi-tech combination of software and hardware.
The worrying situation lies in the fact that although Nigeria provides a very large market and a promising vibrant economy for smartphone companies and mobile technology giants, there are no widespread customer care or phone repair Centers to cushion the effect of such problems as the on-going widespread smartphone malfunction. It feels very embarrassing to spend huge sums of money on purchase of a smartphone only to dump it after few months due to unexplainable phone malfunction and lack of proper care centers to address the problem. Nigerians are feeling cheated.
Most mobile technology giants like Microsoft (Nokia), TECNO, Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Infinix, Gionee, and so many others need to step up their social responsibility by opening direct customer care centers in Nigeria and the entire region with a view to tackling such problems as undue mobile phone malfunction. At least I can assure these companies that due to the trend in the Nigeria mobile technology market, any company that would consider this idea seriously and make impacts in this regards would huge economic benefits from the virgin market which Nigeria portrays.
It is worthy of note that TECNO is gradually penetrating the Nigerian mobile market. With hi-tech and sophisticated smartphones comparable to any other product from any brand, TECNO is beginning to enjoy significant patronage from the most populous black African nation. However, much of what has been decried as concerning hanging and crashing of smartphones have been largely linked to some models of the brand. Maybe Nigerians have not learnt to use their smartphones properly which result in such problems or that there may be some work to be done in their world of social responsibility.

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