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Tuesday, 6 October 2015


The StarSat digital satellite pay-tv service came into full operation as the rebranded TopTV. Based in South Africa, the StarSat digital technology offers high-definition HD TV viewing services and a consumer-friendly ranges of entertainment packages. As one of the foremost providers of the Digital Video Broadcast - Direct-to-Home satellite service DVB - DTH, star sat satellite technology enables an unparalleled signal coverage devoid of distance or location. Unlike its terrestrial Startimes counterpart, the StarSat signal can be received everywhere so long as one can see the sky. Due to popular demand by Nigerians, this post will deal on the Starsat decoder settings, installation guidelines and deeper insights into the Starsat digital satellite pay-tv services.

How to Install the StarSat Decoder and Dish: Guidelines

If you intend to start using the Starsat digital satellite TV service, think of what channels are offered by the satellite TV giant. With the take-over of TopTV by Starsat, more channels were introduced and just few older channels were removed. The Starsat services cover channels on both foreign and local news, foreign and local movies, kiddies, religion, sports, talk-shows, discoveries and documentaries, fashion and lifestyle and many other weird global entertainment channels.

Now you wish to purchase a Starsat Decoder and dish. Look for a Starsat dealer around your vicinity. All you need to procure is a satellite Dish pan and its accessories, a Star Sat decoder and an actively subscribed account to enable you view the channels. The supplier of these equipment provides the technical supports which involves the account's activation and the installation of all the equipment. This is however upon the payment of the agreed sum of money for the service. Do not attempt to install the Satellite Dish by yourself as you may not get the best installation result with the best signal quality reception. Only experts with special signal-tracking devices can guarantee the best installation outcome for your viewing pleasure.

Secondly, you need to choose among the range of packages or channel bouquets to subscribe to. The Star Sat digital satellite TV service offers 3 special packages;
  • StarTimes Satellite Special with over 50 TV channels
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  • StarTimes Satellite Smart with over 70 TV channels and
  • StarTimes Satellite Super which has over 100 TV channels.

How to Pay for StarSat Satellite TV Subscription

When you decide on the particular package to subscribe to, there are many payment options available for your account's activation, similar to the payment methods of other satellite pay-tv services like DStv. We have;
  • Direct Fund Transfer using banks
  • Direct cash payment across the teller, counter or Point of Sale POS
  • Debit Order
  • Credit Card
  • Easypay
Due to the technical hiccups with online payment systems as mostly experienced by subscribers in Nigeria, newbies could use the direct cash payment method to their supplier and get their decoders duly and instantly activated, unless they are fully conversant with the online payment procedures.

StarSat Digital Satellite Decoder Settings; Troubleshooting Guild

Here are the parameters and their respective values for your Starsat Digital decoder setting;
  • LNB default value is 10600. (If you are not using the specified LNB, then change the default value of 10600 to 10700, if not leave it at 10600)
  • Transponder Frequency, scroll down to SES5 DVB-S2, edit the frequency by pressing the yellow button. Enter 11976 or 11938.
  • Polarization is Vertical V
  • Symbol Rate is 27500, then press OK to jump to the nest screen
I hope that with these guidelines, you can now successfully install the Starsat digital satellite TV decoder and be able to troubleshoot it? It is important to note that the settings provided above are specifically for normal simple home satellite installations. It will not work if you use the settings to install a network or communal Starsat dish.


  1. Nice post but pls examples of the channel's on starsat or is it the star move that use to be on Amos but now @ and 3w.

  2. How do you add fta channels on these hd decoders

  3. How do you add fta channels on these hd decoders

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