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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


For some time now, the digital hi-tech industry all over the world has been pedaling on the pedestrian platform of the cloud computing technology. For some aspects of the super hi-tech computer-based wireless communication, the cloud computing technology has provided a soothing solution to real-time global data sharing and management. I seek to really understand the reality of the “cloud”, or is it just a term employed to mask and re-brand the reality in digital computer communication and data share, making it appear futuristic?

The Idea of the “Cloud” Technology

This is one of the ground-breaking innovations of the 21st century computing technology which enables information to be shared or accessed from remote locations in real-time. Data stored in this “cloud” is believed to really exist in the cloud but this post tells you the truth about the cloud computing. However the cloud computing makes it possible to access your data from anywhere and any time. There is no doubt that this cloud computing technology solution has advanced the course of super hi-tech digital communication technology. The applications of the cloud technology can be seen in areas like;
  • Data Backup Data Recovery after disaster
  • Complex data analytics
  • Information or data storage
  • Research and development
  • And many more…

 Unfortunately, most people truly believe that the “cloud” is so real that information stored in your cloud account actually exists in the clouds. People from the developing world with Africa in the epicenter are mostly affected by this misconception. Understanding the concept of the cloud computing technology and its reality will help you know more of its usefulness as well as  the associated risks.
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The Truth about the Cloud Computing Technology

In reality, there is no such thing as data storage in the clouds. We can however call it a virtual cloud, meaning that it looks like it exists in the cloud but in reality does not. The truth is that every data you store in your cloud account is actually saved in the super computers of your cloud service provider. Today, a lot of technology giants offer cloud computing services. Companies like IBM, Google and Microsoft are few of the world-leading companies in the cloud computing technology services.

However, since you can access your cloud-saved data from anywhere, with any internet-compatible device and at any time, it becomes most convenient to describe such services as the Cloud computing technology service. Furthermore, whoever has access to your cloud account logging details would be able to access and share data with you in real-time. This is how the cloud computing technology has become huge solutions to many business application problems today.

The Risks in Cloud Computing Technology

With the cloud computing service, it means that your precious data is stored in someone else’s computer, made available to you through a 100% uptime service. Here are some risks you run as a result.

Data Privacy Safety and Security

As your world of data is entrusted into the hands and control of another cloud computing service provider, you cannot fully guarantee your information security. Although one of the strongest terms of service by cloud service providers is the assurance of security and privacy of personal data. However, there have been instances in the past of breach of this very important term. So watch it!

Only Internet Availability gives you Cloud Computing Access

In Africa where internet access is not yet at its fullest, what promise of efficiency does the cloud computing technology hold for prospective subscribers? Without the internet, you cannot access the cloud. Most times, only the broadband or the 3G and above internet network can sufficiently guarantee a smooth experience in using the cloud computing technology services. This means that until the internet is made richly available for all and at all times especially in Nigeria and Africa, cloud computing may remain a mirage to many.

Service Provider Outages

A common scientific phrase holds that “no system runs at 100% efficiency”. This can also apply to the providers of the cloud computing technology services. You will instantly lose access to your precious data the moment your cloud service provider experiences an outage or downtime. This experience could cost a lifetime of fortune or life-saving business opportunity, so watch it!

Limited Contract Bargain and High Cost of Cloud Service

Most cloud computing service providers do not give ample opportunities for intending subscribers to bargain on the contract terms of service. Consequently, it may become costly to run on cloud. This has led some big companies to ditch the clouds and revert to in-house data storage.

There are many more benefits as well as risks associated with the cloud computing technology but at least you have come to terms with the fact that cloud computing is never really in the clouds but in physical storage locations.

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