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Tuesday, 22 September 2015


A new ground has been broken in the digital cable and satellite TV industry. MultiChoice DStv has finally initiated an advanced technology of digital video broadcast over a gated internet protocol IP platform. This is specially designed for large communities like hotels, hospitals, residential or any form of large commercial outfit. With this new Dstv DVB over IP, the new technology known as the IPTV offers a three-some digital entertainment and communication technology services - DStv, telephony voice call and internet services.

How does the DStv DVB over IP (IPTV) Work?

The DStv DVB over IP platform works by way of DStv digital signals transmitted over the satellite to an IPTV head-end. From here, the signal is converted from its initial satellite signal format to an internet protocol IP signal where, it is multi-broadcasted over a secure IP network. This network may terminate at a DStv IP HD-1 decoder or internet-compatible devices. The DStv IP HD-1 decoder presents the decrypted signals unto the many HD TVs in your hotels, shopping malls, companies, hospitals and many other large communities. The internet and voice call abilities of the DStv DVB over IP signals are so amazing and efficient enough to reckon with.

A Digital Satellite TV Revolutionized

With the new system of DStv DVB over IP or the IPTV, we can now have both telephony, internet as well as DStv services in one internet protocol IP integration. This is an overwhelming relief to commercial establishment who may wish to have an efficient integrated platform for digital TV entertainment as well as communication services.

The Working Technology of the DStv IPTV

This is the technical arrangement of how the DStv IPTV works. The signal is downlinked from the DStv satellite in space unto the Dish pan outside your house. From there, it is forwarded to an internet protocol IP Gateway device. This is where the super digital satellite signal format is converted to an internet protocol IP signal format. The output signal from the IP Gateway is digitally encrypted or encoded and is transmitted to a special Multiswitch. This signal-splitting device separates the signals to many outlets which could now be used by many final output devices like HD TVs and computers.
However, at the stage of the Multiswitch signal processing, three different complimentary server devices are connected to the multiswitch. They are the Vanilla Middleware server, the encryption server and the billing server. Upon leaving the multiswitch, several IP networks are created which carry unique encrypted signal towards their final output devices.
On reaching these output devices which bear smartcards, each output device decodes or unlocks these encrypted signals by the help of the smartcards. Hence, you may watch super HD quality DStv programs, make telephone calls or surf the internet.
It may sound somewhat technical and difficult to understand the operational mechanisms but I can assure you that it is generally simple, lovely and efficient. Finally, the perfect DStv arrangement for hotels and other public commercial outfits is here. this is digital cable and satellite TV technology revolutionized.
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