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Sunday, 30 August 2015


It baffles me when people say they paid to get their newly-purchased GOtv installed. Why would someone spend so much money to install a GOtv antenna and blissfully unaware that to successfully install GOtv is one of the simplest things to do as far as digital cable, satellite and terrestrial TV installations are concerned. Although I only saw this anomaly in this country Nigeria, it has shown me that a larger percentage of subscribers and intending subscribers do not know how to install the GOtv and other terrestrial TV antennas and decoders. Being a simple procedure, I wish to expose the techniques of installing the GOtv antenna to capture the best signal ever by considering the position of the GOtv service mast in this publication.
After reading this post, you would be able to do it yourself. Paying heavily to have your GOtv, StarTimes and other digital terrestrial TV services installed for you would be a thing of the past. All you need to do is to read this post carefully and conscientiously.
In one of my previous posts, I showed you the basic steps to couple and mount the GOtv antenna from its pack. However, it is not enough to unpack, couple and mount it. Doing these alone will not guarantee the digital terrestrial signal you are looking for. You must successfully align your GOtv, StarTimes and other terrestrial TV antennas directly towards the position of their signal transmission mast nearest to you. When I say nearest to you, it could be one or more kilometers away. But let me remind you that a single mast can cover several kilometer radii. Therefore you may not physically sight this mast from your location but you don't have to worry because there is a clue to go about it.
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When you are done with the screwing, tighting and ready to mount the GOtv or other terrestrial antenna, take some minutes to scout around to see if anyone else is using the same service. If you sight any, determine your proposed antenna's direction by the direction the sighted antenna is facing. Carefully employ the same judgment to align your own antenna. However, ensure that there are no physical obstructions like tall buildings or trees close by.
Alternatively, if you could not find any other similar antenna or network service as your GOtv or anyother digital terrestrial TV service, simply raise the antenna very high starting from an East direction. At this point, run a scan on your connected GOtv, StarTimes or any other terrestrial TV service decoder. If the latter fails to capture signal, turn your antenna to the West direction and repeat the scan process. Run same procedure facing the North and finally Southern directions. You will definitely capture the desired signal by the time you try these four different geographical locations.
Importantly, ensure that your antenna is firmly locked or tied to the position which provided the best signal possible. You have seen now that even without any prior training, anyone can successfully install any terrestrial TV antenna especially the GOtv service, which has been made simple.
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  1. Hi. I learnt from another blog that it is possible to connect two Go-Tv decoders using only just one antenna such that, different channels can be watched simultaneously from the two decoders independently of each other. If it is true, will it be possible to achieve this by using the RF-OUT port of one decoder to connect it to the other decoder? Or is it only the RF SPLITTER method that will work? NOTE: I'm talking of just 2 go-tv decoders

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  5. I have just relocate to a new abode but after mounting my gotv antenna, it does not recieve any signal and I accidentally press a yes when asked if a new user; I have not been able to rest it since. It keep displaying language , country etc. How do I reset this so that I can enjoy GOTV? Nedu from aboh mbaise

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  8. I have been trying all angles, can some one please telll me where to point the aerial to if one lives in Windhoek West please!!!!


  9. I have been trying all angles, can some one please telll me where to point the aerial to if one lives in Windhoek West please!!!!