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Friday, 6 March 2015


I usually spent a fortune to renew my internet browsing subscription monthly and it pained me I did so. Recently, a friend introduced me to what he called a free internet browsing cheat with codes that could give me access to unlimited downloads. You could imagine how thrilled I was.

I gave it a try, enjoyed it for a while and after a period, my computer crashed beyond repair and without warning. Little did I know that it granted some initial free internet browsing capabilities, but was inherently downloading heavy undetectable malwares, viruses and security threats into my laptop computer which eventually crashed it. This is why you should stop using these so-called free internet browsing cheats and codes.

You may ask, how did I know it was the free internet browsing cheat that crashed my laptop computer? Initially, I never knew what crashed my computer until an IT expert who majored on cyber security explained what risks are inherent in free browsing codes. Did you know that there are so many dangers associated with using free internet browsing cheats and codes? One of the ways mischievous virus writers adopt to gain attention is to generate a program in form of codes which gives a desirable end-user result. While you are happy using these codes, hidden viruses which are masked under these codes are secretly breaking your firewall and other cyber defenses and invading your computer system.
Dangers of using free internet browsing Cheats
Many free internet browsing cheats available these days are some of such codes that may possess such masked threats. Unfortunately, the consequence of such dangerous invasion of your internet browsing device is only felt after a reasonably long period of time so you never get to associate your computer problems with the effect of using free internet browsing cheats or codes.
Hackers on the internet may also use these avenues to gain access into your computer and other devices. Your device’s security is breached the moment you start using codes like these free internet browsing cheats. Consequently, these hackers can easily extract sensitive information like your bank or credit card details and other personal data.
I frankly advise you to stop using cheats or codes which grant free and unlimited internet browsing even though you may not be aware of these dangers or have not yet suffered from it. There are many legitimate ways to access the internet which are also very secure. Unknown to you maybe, millions of malware, viruses and other cyber security threats are uplinked to the internet in different forms. It only takes one careless internet access to infiltrate your computer device and cause tremendous havoc.
In Nigeria, many active internet users are surfing the web through free browser cheats or codes. Many have suffered losses from attacks as a result without knowing the cause and many more are unknowingly on the verge of facing such attacks. You need to stop using free internet browsing cheats if you wish to safeguard and prolong the lifespan of your computer devices. My experience taught me that it does not pay to cut corners.
As Nigeria enjoys a very fast growing economy and a developing information technology, there is need to educate every internet user on the need to surf safely on the internet. Information and communication service providers in Nigeria have got secured ways of subscribing to the internet. You need to follow these legal means and forget the idea of freely browsing the internet with cheats or codes.

The cheats may work for you today, but you may lose your computer or other devices tomorrow. More so, your security and future is never assured as you may lose your highly secretive and vital details to online hackers producing these free browsing cheats and codes for you.


  1. Come on! Is this propaganda from the networks?
    I have never had any problem with my system while browsing for free. So so long as I keep getting the cheats I will keep browsing for free.

  2. Really helping.

    though here's aan updated free browsing cheats page;

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  4. Can I watch different chanel on my extra TV. Different channels from de main TV.

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