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Monday, 1 December 2014


In recent times, so many agitations have been reportedly coming from a larger majority of loyal DStv subscribers in Nigeria. It is also true that DStv, as the best digital satellite pay-tv service provider in Africa, enjoys a very large subscriber base running to millions in Nigeria alone. Despite these setbacks and with unrelenting patronage from the Nigerian populace, the question is - what do Nigerians really want from DStv?
The growth rate of new subscribers coming on board the DStv platform keep sky-rocketing daily, such that it appears similar to a case of a product enjoying lack of competition - monopoly.
However, it remains factual that the best TV entertainment in movies, sports, drama, documentary, news, religion, science and technology and all other categories lie with DStv as long as coverage in Nigeria is concerned. It has got multiple bouquets at different prices that would enable any subscriber come alive without breaking his budget. DStv has got multiple models of decoders, in standard form, Higher Definitions, Personal Video Recorders PVRs and so on, that would create varieties that sooth any television model.
DStv has created user friendly subscription payment platforms ranging from across counter cash and Point-of-sale terminals, online platforms, banks and ATM platforms and even mobile scratch and credit pin codes. All these were in a bid to make access to DStv services easier and more enjoyable to subscribers.
Considering the many reported agitations from DStv subscribers in Nigeria, the question becomes - what went wrong?
From several interactions with some aggrieved subscribers, many insisted that DStv services are costly to obtain and maintain. Customers would pay through their noses to get channels restored.

Most times, several days may be lost after payment before the channels get restored. Some people are also advocating the institution of the pay-as-you-go method of subscription. This according to them, would ensure that a subscriber is only billed when the decoder is active or switched on.
Some subscribers lamented frequent loss of DStv signal which hampers their view, even in the middle of important programs. However, the good news is that you can learn how to restore your DStv signal all by yourself.
Surprisingly, some subscribers are also promoting the commencement of an all-adult channel, although with a means of restriction from minors or anyone who wishes not to have access to it. However, DStv decoders have already got a way of blocking some selected channels according to Parental Guard PG rating of the programs. It is known as the Parental Control features.
The way Forward:
As suggested by loyal teeming number of subscribers, they would want a DStv service that is relatively affordable and easy to maintain. They also want a system with minimal signal interference as a result of poor weather, rainfall or storm. As regards instant restoration of your channels immediately after payment, you can read up here on "How to Restore your Channels By Yourself immediately after Payment".
DStv is undoubtedly working hard to regularize most of these issues. Their corporate social responsibility remains unwavering. Just recently, DStv announced the give-away of brand new decoders to subscribers who still use the former's old model decoders free of charge. This exercise as at the time of this write up, is currently in progress in Nigeria and other African countries.
There is no doubt that MultiChoice DStv wishes to remain at the top in digital satellite pay-tv service in Nigeria and the entire African continent.
If you have concerns or comments on what you feel DStv should improve on, kindly drop your comments below as they are highly welcome. You may share this contents with friends and family on social network to let them contribute their views on this subject. Let us work together to make more impact on your DStv viewing pleasure.

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