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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Every digital decoder is primarily a combination of a device hardware and a complimentary software. Both work together to bring the desired results to your television screen. The hardware are the physical body casing, the integrated circuit panels, the diodes, valves and every physical object found in the decoder.

But without a compatible software that drives the functionality of these components, your decoder is just but a piece of scrap metals, plastics, and glasses.  With the DStv decoder system, it is not different. It is therefore important that softwares are well conditioned to enable them work properly in combination with the hardware. One of such conditioning lies in upgrading your DStv decoder software.

Upgrading your DStv Decoder Software
Software download in progress

Over the years, MultiChoice DStv have manufactured several models of decoders which, most have attained "Legacy" status, meaning that they are no longer in use. Their legacy status are as a result of their softwares not being functional or compatible to the operating standards of the service provider's platform.

Due to advancement in digital satellite TV technology, it became imperative to produce decoder models that would possess the ability to automatically upgrade their functionality without going obsolete.

This would in turn enable customers to use a particular decoder model for a very long period of time irrespective of changes in the digitization process of signal transmission and detection.

Why Should I Upgrade My Decoder Software?

As new features in software engineering are periodically released, you need to upgrade your decoder to the newly released version. In as much as new operational features come with a new release, upgrading your decoder software will ensure the optimal performance of your decoder, and also help your device evade any impending software conflict or malfunction.

The general maintenance of your decoder device largely depends on your decoder's current software version.

How Do I Upgrade My Decoder Software?

All current decoder models in use by MultiChoice DStv are enabled with automatic upgrade options. This feature pops up on screen as soon the decoder detects the availability of a newly released software version.

All you need to do is to follow the simple directions on screen and you get the new software downloaded instantly unto your decoder. Most decoders would simply ask you to PRESS OK on your remote control to download the latest version of software for your decoder.

This download usually takes several minutes and its progress can be monitored on the TV screen. After the download, your decoder automatically reinitializes and rescans to indicate that the latest version is fully installed and functional.
However, you must take precautions when trying to download the latest version of your decoder. there must never be a power outage during the download process. Studies have shown that over 70% of subscribers who experienced power outage during this process got a software conflict.

Therefore, it is strongly advised that for subscribers in Nigeria, who may not be sure of steady voltage supply, please take your decoder to any nearest DStv office for this purpose.

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