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Thursday, 18 September 2014


What is DStv ExtraView?

The ExtraView network is an arrangement of two DStv decoders programmed into a single account and paired up to enable the customer watch two channels simultaneously from two viewing environment while paying a single subscription.

This arrangement makes it possible for subscribers to maximize the value for their money as they are able to watch two channels at the same time from both paired decoders. This post will expose you to the details on how to pay single while watching double channels on DStv which DStv Extraview Setup is all about.

compatible decoders for dstv extra view combination
DStv decoder combination for Extra View
It is a maximum of two DStv decoders in an ExtraView setup. The first serves as the "primary" while the other takes up the "secondary" status. This secondary decoder is dependent on the primary.

The two devices are connected by a single cable cord that ensures the ExtraView "HeartBeat" or interaction continues between the two decoders. Once this relationship is altered or broken, the dependent decoder ceases to work.
Presently, most models of DStv decoders are single view devices but are also ExtraView compatible. These Single Unit devices and the PVR decoders can be paired to each other to create this network. Technically, any decoder model that possesses the RF - IN and OUT ports can be used in an ExtraView setup.

However, there are older models of DStv Personal Video Recorder PVR decoders that are used in this kind of arrangement. When employed in ExtraView, they offer a triple viewing capability - two views from the PVR decoder and one view from the other decoder. In this kind of arrangement however, the PVR decoder must only be applied as the secondary unit, dependent on another primary decoder unit.

How do I Know my Decoder can be Used For ExtraView?

The models of DStv decoders compatible with ExtraView application are DSD 1110, 1131, 1132, HDPVRs and the older models of PVR decoders. But most subscribers may not know what type of decoder models they use. Simply know this, if your decoder has some ports behind it designated RF - IN and RF - OUT, then it can be applied in an ExtraView linkage.

However, If you have got any of these decoders and wish to initiate an ExtraView network in your home, simply purchase another decoder of these models, take both to any DStv office where they shall be configured for this purpose. It now brings us to another stage.

What Facilities Do I Need To Have The ExtraView Setup In my Home?

Basically, you need two ExtraView-compatible decoders. Some people may consider using a single satellite dish panel to set up signal for both decoders. This is possible if the camera-like object called the LNB, located at the dish mouth point shall be either the two-feed (2 cable points), triple-feed (3 cable points), quad (4 cable points) or Sat-CR LNB.

This largely depends on your choice of decoders as some HDPVRs use 2 to 4 signal cables each to obtain signal from the dish. A DStv accredited installer must be engaged to run the signal and the heartbeat cables as well as installing the dish and decoders.
Once the ExtraView has been set up, you can enjoy minimum of two views while paying on a single account. This system is economic-friendly as it offers more viewing conveniences.


  1. Hi, I'm from South Africa & I'm on Xtraview with DSD 1132 as Primary & HD Single view as Secondary which I install by myself using the Twin LNB (2 Signal Port) & for the 1st week it worked very well but on the second week I couldn't watch HD channels as the Signal Quality is 1% on Secondary but 100% on Primary, but some channels are also not playing its saying (Signal ha been lost) . Is there a way to increase my Signal Quality on Secondary Decoder? I've tried Rebooting, reconnecting the LNB & Heartbeat on Both Decoders but the Quality Strength for Secondary just won't go up.

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  3. Hi we have xtraview with single DSD decoder connect to cottage on property for my dad. I want to connect and extra tv for bedroom. what do I need to do besides run cable from decoder to additional tv. do I need to buy splitter?

  4. Ive got a smart lnb expora and a single veiw how do i get for them to communicate with each other. Do i split the lnb to both decoders and the Rf out from the explora and the Rf in into the single decoder or how does it work

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  6. hi i have explora decoder as primary and pvr secondary how can i connect them as extra view

  7. hi i have explora decoder as primary and pvr secondary how can i connect them as extra view

  8. hi i have explora decoder as primary and pvr secondary how can i connect them as extra view

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