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Tuesday, 16 September 2014


The rich collection of DStv channels are arranged in packages or what we may call bouquets. There are over nine packages, each with its range or number of ever interesting channels. This arrangement has positioned DStv to conquer the TV entertainment market as subscribers of all income levels have got varied choices of packages to subscribe to. With numerous choices at your disposal, you need to know how to compare DStv packages to enable subscribers like you make informed choices.

These available bouquets have given you an opportunity to compare packages, find out which bouquet contains your channels of interest and subscribe to them while considering your pocket. Doing this will give you more value for your money. However, in making these choices, you need to know that all DStv channels are grouped into genres or categories.

There are Movies and Entertainment, Documentaries and Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports, Kids & Teens, Music, Religion, News & Commerce, Specialist/Foreign as well as Audio Channels.

Movies and Entertainment genre contain over 52 movie channels. If you are a movie lover, with flare for medieval, old school, recent, high-tech, super heroes and all types of movies, then you seriously need to consider this category in your choice of bouquet subscription.

These range from the M-Nets and the M-Net HDs down to the Series, Universal, Telemundo, SONYs, BBC, the E, the FOXs, the CBS collections, the True Movies, The Kung Fu Black Belt, the MGM, the ranges of Africa Magic channels and lots of other block buster movie channels.

All these movie channels are available on the premium package while compact plus package has about 63% of the whole movie channels. Compact bouquet contains 50%, Family Package 36% while Access, the least of conventional packages contains just 19% of the 52 movie channels.

The full list of Movie channels are listed on DStv Self Service page. However, for subscribers in Nigeria, you can download the list of DStv channels for easier access and consultation.
Documentaries & LifeStyle category has been enriched with over 18 channels that gives you great documentaries and life style programs. While all of them are available on Premium platform, Compact Plus has contains 17, with exclusion of BBC Knowledge. Compact has only 13 channels, Family package has 8 while Access bouquet has 5 documentary & Lifestyle channels.
Fashion category is popular for channels as Fashion TV, E!, Soweto TV and T TV as Premium package can boast of about nine channels dedicated to fashion. If you are fashion conscious and wishes to keep up with the global fashion trend, then DStv Fashion channels will give you exactly what you need.
DStv is known for its global coverage in sporting events - from World Cup tournaments to Global Super Leagues, Formula One to Moto GP, Lawn Tennis Championships to all kinds of Sports. DStv enjoys broadcast right to Tournaments like Champions League, Barclays Premier League etc. Sports fans are always carried along when they are subscribed to the DStv Premium package.
Your kids would let you have peace at home when you get hooked on to the ever captivating channels from  the DStv Kids & Teens categories. Perfect for your kids entertainment are these channels as they are loaded with child-friendly animations for children of all age brackets, even adults most times get addicted to these kiddies channels.

Music , Religion, News & Commerce, Specialist/Foreign as well as Audio Channels are not left out as DStv understands what you need to meet with an all-round information and entertainment on its full digital platform. Therefore in comparing packages for subscription, all these categories of channels need to be considered to maximize the value for your money.

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