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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


With serious advancements in the cable and satellite TV technology, MultiChoice has made some ground-breaking achievements with the introduction of the DStv Mobile. This digital technology allows you to view DStv while on the move. A few years ago, MultiChoice announced the birth of their first DStv mobile device, which came in two forms – the DStv Walka and the Drifta. Since then, the DStv mobile viewing technology has become prevalent and widely accepted in Nigeria.

I am talking about digital devices which receive DStv signals and enable you have access to DStv qualitative channels while walking on the road, car, office or anywhere. The DStv Walka comes as a hand-held TV, the drifta decoder offers much varied platforms as you could use it on multiple devices like your laptop, your pads, smart phones, android phones, windows phone, tablets etc.
Although you do not have to rely  only on your house decoder anymore to watch DStv, the DStv mobile services can only be accessed if you are in a Digital Video Broadcast Handheld DVB - H signal-covered area.

To access signals from drifta decoders, one needs a compatible mobile device as there are over four types of drifta devices made for different mobile devices. Today, MultiChoice has expanded the compatibility of the DStv Drifta mobile decoder to cover many android, windows, iPhone and Blackberry devices. This move swiftly placed the DStv Drifta mobile technology as one of the most prevalent technologies under the cable and satellite TV industry in Nigeria and even Africa.

THE DRIFTA DECODER: this model is most widely in use as it supports a larger range of mobile devices, ranging from laptops, tablets, phones and pads. In its connectivity, it uses a WIFI wireless on devices that possess WIFI connectivity and also a USB wired connection when being used on laptops.

In contents, it bears the same number of channels as obtained in other drifta decoders and walka devices. So if you have got a smartphone or a laptop, a windows phone or an android phone or tablet, rest assured this device is for you.
THE DRIFTA USB: due to convenience, this drifta decoder has been built to take on the shape of a USB storage device, which is limited to a computer desktop or a laptop. As a first time user, simply slot in the device into your USB port, follow instructions as the device driver is automatically installed into your computer and you are good to go.
THE I-DRIFTA: as the name implies, this model can only be used on i-mobile devices like your i-pads and i-phones. Firstly, download the Drifta Mobile Application from your phone’s application store, initialize it by accepting terms and conditions, connect your i-drifta and start enjoying.
THE a-DRIFTA: this is a more recently unveiled drifta model specifically meant for android devices. Presently, its use is limited to few android devices but work is underway to cover more versions and models of android devices.
This is simply a sister version of Drifta mobile technology, which appears as a portable hand-held television. It is used stand-alone and needs no attachment to any other device. It bears the same number of channels as the driftas and works on same process of signal transmission – the DVB – H technology.

The Walka comes in two sizes – the Walka 3.5, about 4 inches wide and the Walka 7, which is about 7 inches wide.

Both the drifta and the walka could prove a reliable mobile TV companion as they have battery lives that could last up to 6 hours when fully charged.

If you still wonder how to purchase and start using the DStv mobile, or you wish to know which areas are under the Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld signal for DStv Drifta mobile, simply use the comment box below to contact me. Many more ideas and information on this topic is also highly welcome.

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