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Tuesday, 8 May 2018


There is no doubt that in Nigeria's satellite and terrestrial TV space, DStv and GOtv enjoys the highest penetration and patronage. With the recent effort to switch over to digital TV broadcast, Nigerians have seen the emergence of other promising satellite pay-TV services such as TStv and the KWESE TV. These new brands (TStv, KWESE TV) are promising to give Nigerians the pay-per-view subscription system. They are claiming that Nigerians would be able to suspend or pause their subscription when not in use. However, My Digi-Tech Media made some random investigation to ascertain if these claims are factual or may be simply alleged.

But before I unfold, let me explain some terms;

What is Pay-per-View on Pay-TV?

The pay-per-view is the term used to describe a pay-TV subscription plan which the user can suspend, pause and reconnect at will. This implies that when you pay for a subscription, you will be able to control how your money is expended. If you have to move out of town, you can suspend your subscription pending your return. It is a flexible pay-TV subscription plan which gives subscribers full control over their money and its use. The pay-per-view subscription plan may be obtainable in either the satellite pay-TV such as DStv, TStv, Kwese TV or terrestrial TV platforms such as the GOtv.

What is Pro-Rata on Pay-TV?

Pro-Rata is the term given to a pay-TV subscription plan that is calculated on 24 hour basis (one day). This pro-rata plan is also another flexible pay-TV subscription plan which gives satellite and terrestrial pay-TV subscribers ample control over their subscription money. On this plan, a subscriber may pay for one day view, two days, three days, one week (7 days), two weeks (14 days) as the case may be. This plan can also be obtained in satellite as well as terrestrial pay-TV services.

Monthly (30 days) Billing Cycle

This is currently the most conventional and popular billing plan adopted by most satellite and cable TV services in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. MultiChoice DStv and GOtv are currently utilizing this billing plan on their subscribers in Nigeria. The minimum payment tenure is one month (30 days). A subscriber may also subscribe for two months, three months, one year as the case may be. However you cannot suspend or pause your subscription once payment and reconnection has been made. This one month (30 days) billing cycle does not allow for such flexible manipulation of a user's subscription until the money runs out. This is irrespective of whether the subscriber viewed or not. This is why Nigerians are not happy with the pay-TV services utilizing this subscription plan.


DStv, GOtv, Pay-TV

The Truth About Pay-per-View, Pro-Rata and Monthly Billing

According to field investigation conducted by My Digi-Tech Media, it was discovered that the 30-day (monthly) billing cycle remains the most dominant billing plan in use by pay-TV service providers in Nigeria. The DStv, GOtv, MyTV, StarTimes etc all utilize the monthly (30-day) billing cycle.

However, new satellite TV services still emerging in Nigeria have indicated running a pro-rata billing plan where a subscriber may pay for a minimum of one day (24 hours). In this case, a daily charge applies. Although services such as the TStv and the KWESE TV are still at their nascent stage, only time will tell if they can successfully run a pay-per-view subscription plan, a pro-rata or simply joining their contemporaries to operate a monthly billing cycle.

My Digi-Tech Media shall continue to monitor this trend and report any development and many more in cable and satellite TV development in Nigeria and the world to you.


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