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Saturday, 5 May 2018


Are you sometimes faced with the challenge of keeping your kids from watching TV channels or programs that are largely inappropriate for them? Are you looking for ways of blocking some channels on your DStv or other satellite TV systems so that your kids will not have access to them? The Parental Control technology enables ytou to comfortably select TV channels and programs and block them with your self-selected code so that no one may view them.This channel or program locking system is most profound in the DStv decoder features.

It is indeed one of the interactive features enabled on the DStv decoder. Unfortunately, many DStv users still do not know about this nor how to use them.

Every channel or TV program on DStv is rated during broadcast. You may have seen things like PG 16, PG 13, PG 18 as the case may be on the Menu bar of your DStv TV screen. Locking up TV channels or programs using the Parental Control features is based on these PG ratings. In addition, you need to set up your personal 4-digit password which you need to block and unblock your selected TV channels or programs which you may not want any other person or your kids to view. This is how to use the Parental Control features to lock selected TV channels or programs.

Step By Step  Guild on How to Setup the Parental Control or TV Channel Block

Whether you are using the DStv Explora, PVR, Zappa HD or the normal standard decoder, this method of activating the Parental Control features will work for you.

Go to MENU
Scroll down to SETTINGS

At this point, a password box appears...type in the default password, 1234
As the Parental Control interface opens, change the password to your own secret 4-digit PIN or password

Then proceed to select your level of PG rating to block or lock. By selecting a PG of 16, this means that any TV program or channel showing programs rated PG 16 or above will automatically become blocked from view. if anyone tunes to it, the password screen will pop up instead. Only the person who knows the 4-digit PINs can unlock these blocked channels.

It is therefore advisable to change the default PG PIN of your decoder to your personal 4-digit PIN which you can easily remember. Once done, then you are ready to start blocking your DStv programs also known as the Parental Control features.

Kindly note that if anyone tries to unlock the TV channels and mistakenly inputs wrong codes up to 5 times, the blocked TV channels will require the owner to unblock them by either logging on to DStv online self-service applications or portals or visit the nearest Multichoice office to have a password reset and unblocking..


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