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Friday, 20 April 2018


It is now common to see TVs in every room of a building showing satellite TV programs whereas you cannot see any decoder. It is a clear fact that most satellite and terrestrial TV decoders have the ability to transmit secondary TV signals in multiple dimensions & reasonably long distances.

However, there are specific connection types which could enable you to achieve this. Some of these connection settings may not be suitable when you wish to present a neat home devoid of ruffled wire connections.
Today, advancement in satellite and terrestrial TV technology has made it possible that no matter the complex nature of the satellite TV installations, it is possible to have a smart satellite TV/terrestrial TV installation and wiring.

Constructors of modern houses must ensure provisions for conduit wiring of not only electricity circuits but also TV connections. Conduct pipes must be laid within walls, terminating  at a socketed external point.

During satellite or terrestrial decoder installation, the installer only needs to ascend the ceiling for minor wire projections. Starting from the primary signal wire which runs from the satellite dish or Ariel antenna, down to the central control point where the decoder is situated. From that point, which now originates from the RF-OUT of the decoder, TV signals may be distributed as much as one desires.

It is adviced that TV Signal Boosters be strategically connected in series to ensure transmission of quality pictures and audio signals. Recall that as wire length increases, signal quality drops due to increase in resistivity of the wire. Also, at any point of mechanical attachment, there's always a signal leakage leading to decreased signal quality.

With proper connectivity and appropriate signal boosts, you can extend Satellite or terrestrial TV signal to any room or even apartment of choice. However iresearches are still ongoing to ascertain whether signals from terrestrial TV  decoders like the GOtv can be extended, transmitted and/or boosted.

These reveal the simple steps to distribute terrestria or satellite TV signals to all rooms or buildings of choice.

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