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Monday, 8 January 2018


The best way to keep your device safe and secure

Finally, mobile technology giants have advised users of mobile phones, tablets, computers and indeed all forms of internet electronic devices are best kept safe and secure from viruses and other forms of malicious threats by regularly updating their applications and/or device softwares and/or operating systems. This revelation came after a series of unfortunate slow down of some models of Apple i-phones as a result of an application released which was programmed to improve battery life of those devices.
Although Apple has apologized for not advising customers on i-phone models with aging batteries, the mobile technology giant affirmed that it is absolutely necessary to always update your device's software as it is the only way to keep it functioning at optimum capacity as well as safe from any form of malicious threat.

However as the world has become a global village due to a busy internet and cyber space traffic, a lot of malicious sources of mobile or device utility softwares, apps and operating systems softwares have emerged. These are primary sources whereby viruses and cyber worms are released into the cyber space. Some of these cyber security threats are so powerful that they are able to tear down the firewalls of many devices meant to keep the latter safe from internet and cyber attacks.

You cannot say that you are completely free from viruses irrespective of how efficient and up to date your device antivirus may be. you may have downloaded or recieved files from other sources which you can not vouche for their security certificates. Hackers who penetrate other devices either via the internet, cyber space, Wifi, wire connections etc always look for the weakest point in a system software buil-up.

Not using the latest versions of your phone or device softwares provide a veritable vulnerable area for malicious attacks by hackers or cyber terrorists. The primary essence of developing newer versions of softwares or apps is to correct any anomaly observed in an earlier released software version. With the release of any new version, software companies would expect all users of their softwares or devices to upgrade immediately in order to enjoy the gains of the improvementsw made in the latest software versions.

Therefore whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, decoders, or any devices which has a software updating feature, always ensure you try your best to keep your devices up to date. More important is to always download newer softwares or latest versions or upgrades from the recommended sources.

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