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Monday, 20 November 2017


Finally Startimes TV Nigeria has broken the jinx in Nigeria. The digital satellite and terrestrial pay-TV service has finally become the first to introduce the daily recharge or daily subscription system which enables you to pay and watch even per day. This is coming at the wake of Startimes' launch of their 2017 Christmas offer of 50% discount on all Startimes TV packages, bouquets and even other products like the Startimes TV.

For instance, with just 40 NGN, you can easily recharge your account to watch the Startimes NOVA bouquet for one day. With 60 NGN, you can have access to Startimes programmes on the Basic Bouquet while 120 NGN gives you open access to view all Startimes channels on their Classic bouquet for a period of 24 hours. Due to its flexibility, you may also recharge your Startimes decoder to watch for 2 days, 3 days, one week, two weeks, just any how you deem convenient for you and your pocket.


Do you know that Startimes is available both on the regular startimes antenna and decoder as well as the satellite dish and the decoder. The Startimes regular terrestrial antenna goes with the ordinary or more common decoder known as the Standard Definition SD decoder. Most people use this category of Startimes system. However the Startimes satellite dish goes with another kind of decoder known as the COMBO decoder. The good news is that the COMBO decoder can also make use of the terrestrial antenna as well as the satellite dish.

The idea is that while the Startimes terrestrial TV signal may be limited in coverage, its satellite TV signal is accessible all over. As a customer using the SD terrestrial decoder, Startimes have advised that you may bring your SD decoder to their offices for a Swop or change to the COMBO decoder which uses either the satellite dish or the terrestrial antenna. This way, you can always access Startimes TV signals from any location.

With the new Startimes pay per day or per view subscription plan, 50% discount in all products and packages as well as the flexible functionalities of the HD COMBO decoder, Startimes TV Nigeria is set to give you the best of super digital terrestrial and satellite TV technology experience.
Installing your Startimes TV, whether terrestrial or satellite is as simple as ABC. Similar to other satellite pay-TVs like the DStv, Startimes satellite TV decoded with the COMBO settop box obeys the basic principles of uplink / downlink signal transmission technology. Directly via the TV satellite up in space, your satellite dish recieves the TV signals directly. Hence they are regarded technically as Direct-to-Home DTH pay-TV systems.

However, the standard Startimes SD decoder which uses the ariel antenna obeys the principle of terrestrial signal coverage. TV signals are transmitted via communicatiuon masts. this type of signal transmission can be largely limited by distance and other physical barriers like mountains and hills, trees, buildings etc. I guess you now understand why you may have signal problems with your Startimes when you relocate to more remote areas.

Startimes digital TV is available all over the country. The current Christmas promo or bonanza from Startimes will run till January 2018. For more enquiries, please drop your comments for immediate answers. Remember to LIKE and SHARE.

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