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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Recently I published a post on How to Exchange your faulty or old GOtv decoder to a new one. This is done the MultiChoice Decoder Stop Program. By trading in your faulty GOTV or dstv decoder and paying a token (1,500 NGN for gotv),  a new decoder is instantly issued.

You don't need to worry about any active subscription on your faulty decoder account as the new decoder is linked into your existing account.  By this,  you continue from where you stopped.

However there are mistakes subscribers make when changing or swooping their gotv decoders. Basically GOtv decoders are of two models.  These are distinguished largely by the AC power input port and their respective power adaptor sizes. Recall that a decoder stop only changes the decoder box and if another model of GOtv decoder is issued,  you wouldn't notice until you got home since both models look exactly alike.

The implication is that you can not use the existing decoder power adaptor on your new decoder.  You must then be forced to buy another electric power adaptor for your new GOtv decoder.

By this development,  you are advised to carry your AC power adaptor along when going for a GOtv decoder stop.  Ensure that for any decoder to be issued,  it is tested with your AC power adaptor in order to verify their compatibility.  This is the only way you may avoid buying another adaptor with every change of GOtv decoders.

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