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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


A lot of disturbing calls from the GOtv call Centre in Nigeria over subscribers' chances of winning some 200 or something litres of petrol has been on the increase. Thousands of my dedicated readers on this blog have attested to this fact some of them have been called on phone to inform them that by reactivating their GOtv decoders or renewing before the existing GOtv subscription expires, they would win some hundreds of litres of petrol. I am not disputing the credence of this promotional offer from GOtv but I wish to use this platform to explain how GOtv customers can see that this comes true.
GOtv Nigeria
GOtv is a reputable digital terrestrial pay-tv brand and by its social coporate responsibility, they would not fail Nigerians by putting up fictitious promos or offers. In as much as many customers complained that even after fulfilling the conditions for winning such litres of petrol, they still saw no petrol from GOtv. The truth is that GOtv call centre representative who speak directly with subscribers have failed to excplain in details what exactly happens behind the scene in the selection process of the GOtv litres of petrol offer.
A customer complained to My DigiTech Media that she actually received a text message congratulating her for winning some hundreds of litres of petrol. She thought the GOtv would tell her how to claim her bounty but unfortunately that was the last she heard from GOtv. Surprisingly, many users of GOtv now believe GOtv agents on phone lines are very pro-active when it comes to pushing customers to renew or reactivate their GOtv accounts through subscription payments. I think this proactiveness needs to be extended towards the building customers' confidence in the offers and promotional intergrity of GOtv.



When GOtv agents call you on phone to inform you about your chances of winning the GOtv litres of petrol, then you really stand a chance. All you need to do is to fulfill the conditions spelt out to you. However, the truth is that after fulfilling these conditions, a raffle draw is conducted for this GOtv petrol offer. Obviously you are not the only GOtv customer contacted for the petrol offer. The subscribers who fulfilled these conditions are collated and the final lucky winners emerge after a raffle draw is conducted.
If you however receive a congratulatory message that you have successfully won the litres of petrol from GOtv, it means you were successful in the raffle context. At this point, I advise you place a call to the GOtv Direct Helpline on 08149860333 to claim your GOtv litres of petrol bounty.
I believe this revelation would have enlightened you as a GOtv user on how to go about winning the GOtv litres of petrol offer in Nigeria. You may share your experience on this issue by commenting on the box below and also share this on your social platforms - Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc.

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