Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Universal Serial Port USB technology has become one of the commonest features found in virtually all electronic or technological devices. They have been constructed to aid in many applications ranging from data transfer, electrical power transfers or charges as well as linkages for variouys purposes. However, it has been discovered that lack of knowledge on the proper use of the USB port technology has resulted to the damage of so many devices. A lot of users of techniological devices embedded with the USB feature from the developing world has fallen prey to this misfortune without realizing the cause of their system damage.

USB Technology
You have desktop computers, laptops, mobile or cell phones, tablets, televisions, decoders etc furnished witrh USB ports and you use these ports to power other devices without considering their power capacities and specifications, you are simply initiating sopme irreversible damage to the mother device. When you try to charge your power bank, phones, laptop computers through the USB port of another device without considering the power capacity of both mother and child devices, it leads to permanent power failure and so many other affiliated issues especially on the mother device. Even though every functional USB port receives some degree of electrical power, it was never designed to transmit same to any other external device through its power charging receiving port.
Due to epileptic public power supply in some countries as Nigeria, people are tempted to charge their phones and even power banks through the USB ports of their laptop computers of even TVs and other home utility devices. This is fatally wrong. The moment a wrong power connection is established, the entire integrated circuit system experioences heavy imbalance which triggers system overload. the consequence is the collapse of the diodes, valves, transformers and even the entire mother board of such power-originating device. If the damage does not occur instantly, a gradual system collapse sets in.
Every electrical or electronic device has been built with some specifications as well as guildlines on its uisage. Yhe device user manual should always be consulted before a new form of connectivity or usage is initiated for any technological device. furthermore, every power outlet no matter how small has a related power or electrical capacity discharge limit. This informs you on what kind of secondary or peripheral devices can be attached to such USB ports. Never attempt to use a USB port meant for digital data transfer for electrical power transfers.
The next time you try to charge your power bank from the USB port of your laptop or TV or radio, please have a rethink. You are only telling your laptop, TV, radio or as the case may be that you no longer need it. Secondly, the charger head or integrated circuit (IC) Unit of your mobile phone or device charger has some electrical power specifications which defines the kind of devices it can efficiently supply current to.
The same thing is applicable to the electric cord or wire of your charging device. The wire resistance measured in Ohms, power in Watts, current in Volts all join to define what device your charger is best suitable for. An appropriate use of electrical power charging sources, USB ports and devices can guarantee the long life of your device and its power unit.


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