Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Gotv, a digtal terrestrial pay-TV service from MultiChoice Nigeria has become widespread and mostly prefered for its super video and audio TV signal qualities comparable to the DStv. Unfortunately many Gotv users have begun complaining on this platform about the incessant booting failures and sudden stillness of their Gotv decoders. With so many viewers initially relating it to Gotv signal flucruations, this eventually prooved to be a more serious issue closely related to Gotv decoder software/hardware malfunction.

However, MultiChoice has directed that any faulty Gotv Gotv decoder can now be returned in exchange for a brand new Gotv decoder just for a token of 1,900 naira. Although this arrangement has been open for some time now, not many Gotv subscribers knew about it.


Just like in the Multichoice old to new DStv decoder exchange which was initially free, some little token were now paid after the deadline. For your old and faulty GOtv decoders, customers may exchange it for new decoders by paying just 1,500 NGN. Simply walk into any MultiChoice office or popularly major DStv/GOtv offices where subscribers can also pay GOtv and DStv tariff subscriptrions.
Submit the faulty GOtv decoder, pay your swop charge of 1,500 naira and get another brand new GOtv decoder.
Recall that whether you are submitting directly to any of the regional offices of multichoice or any branded store within your locality, there are no extra charges nor hidden charges. The new GOtv decoder given to you must be linked into your existing GOtv subscription account. This will enable you continue enjoying your already paid subscription bills hence no interruption in your TV viewing. For instance, if your old GOtv decoder spoils 15 days after payment and reconnection, you will still watch or view that same GOtv subscription payment for another 15 days whenever the new GOtv decoder has been fully activated.
Although the linkage or activation of the new GOtv decoder usually takes place within minutes, some rare circumstances may warrant that you pick up the decoder after one or few days. Such circumstances may be availability of stock decoders for swop purposes.
Therefore if your GOtv decoder is faulty, do not attempt to open it up to repair. Do not also take it else (maybe roadside electricians) for repairs. MultiChoice has a reputation for tamper-proof devices on all their models of decoders – DStv and GOtv decoders alike. If your decoder is opened up and worked on even in the slightest margins, Multichoice would never take responsibility for such decoder.
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  2. Please,am having old decoder can I still exchange is with new one now.

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