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Thursday, 20 July 2017


Etisalat Nigeria has finally become 9mobile. This development materialised yesterday Wednesday as the new Chief Executive Officer CEO, Bode Olusanya promises Nigerians better innovative telecommunication technology and other value added services.

The emergence of 9mobile as a replacement for the Etisalat brand in Nigeria followed a pull out of the UAE company Etisalat International from the Nigeria market after talks failes to repay the 1.7 bn dollars loan borrowed by the Etisalat company.

You may read the report by clicking here on the Exit of Etisalat from Nigeria.

My DigiTech Media Blog forecasted a buy-over of the former Etisalat infrastructures sited in Nigeria with its attendant probable loss of jobs, rebranding or remodelling. This prediction is exactly happening now. Users of Etisat lines have begun seeing a new 9Mobile brand name and logo appear on their phone screens.

As 9mobile telecom brand is unvield in Lagos Nigeria, the company has promised to right the wrongs of Etisalat Nigeria and take the telecommunication and all its value added services to the next level.

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