Thursday, 29 June 2017

This post informs you on the latest changes in the installation settings, frequency values and general guild on how to install and recieve the MyTV digital satellite TV signals. My TV is one of the popular direct-to-home (DTH) satellite pay-TV services in Nigeria and Africa in general. Its signals are also recieved in other continents of the world as the digital satellite TV has a strongh orbital satellite coverage. Other efficient digital satellite pay-TV services is the DStv, JoyTV or GhanaTV, NileSat, ArabSat and many more.
MyTV Satellite TV
The MyTV is recieved and decrypted by the STRONG brand of dstellite TV decoders. A combination of the right settings, frequency values and dish antenna positioning give you full access
to the MyTV signals. It is remarkable to note that the MyTV satellite TV contains a good number of Free TV channels that you may always watch without having to subscribe or pay money. That may be the reason a lot of MyTV users prefer the digital satellite TV service.



The STRONG or MyTV satellite TV signal is available everywhere as long as you can see the sky heaven. Being of a satellite DTH TV technology, MyTV is recieved from everywhere as long as you have a satellite dish, the right model of STRONG decoder with the correct MyTV installation frequency parameters as shown in this post. Remember that only a trained technician can install the MyTV satellite TV and indeed any other satellite TV as it requires precision and technical skill.


Recently there has been a modification of the MyTV satellite TV installation settings and frequency values. With this new settings, some devices deployed previously during MyTV installation may not work now as they cannot be modified to accomodate the latest MyTV settings. However, here are the latest new settings for the MyTV satellite TV installation. These new settings and frequenciesare also useful during searching for MyTV signals.

Latest Settings for MyTV Satellite TV Signal

Frequency:     12525
Symbol Rate:  30000

Recall that you need the services of a qualified satellite TV instaler to track the MyTV signal dor you. However, a knowledge of how the satellite TV technology signal is propagated, different components of the satellite dish and how to input the frequencies and settingsof the MyTV satellite decoder enables you to install the digital satellite pay-TV by yourself.
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