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Thursday, 22 June 2017


The world's leading software manufacturing giant Microsoft has officially admitted shutting down the anti-virus security software or protection system in Windows 10. This action according to Microsoft was to initiate an ugrade which activated defence systems that would make Windows 10 more secure for its users.

Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows 10
However, this confession from Microsoft came after a software security company Kaspersky around early June 2017 filed a complaint accusing the softweare gianty of abusing its anti-virus market as well as users. In the reaction that followed, Microsoft said that the upgrading which neccesitated the temporary disabling of the Anti-virus software in Windows 10 was to bundle the newly built Windows Defender Anti-virus into the Windows 10.

This would ensure that every single device - computer, tablet or even mobile, is completely protected against every virus and malware threats. The goodnews is that the laboratory test result showed up to 99% detection rate for viruses. That is to say that the Microsoft Windows 10 is now highly secure against viruses and malware but there is more...

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Talking about the Microsoft Virus Initiative MVI, the software technology giant said that the programme was to satisfy their esteemed customers whom Microsoft has noted that they are lovers of choice. The MVI is a platform which ensures partnership of Microsoft with many other anti-virus security software producers in order to give users of the Microsoft Windows a large array of choosing different Anti-virus softwares for their devices. The Microsoft Virus Initiative Programme ensures sharing of technical ideas and Microsoft technologies with its anti-virus partners with a view to tackling effectively any virus security challenges and other related issues for a future of safer and secure software technology devices.

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