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Saturday, 17 June 2017


In recent past, My DigiTech Media Blog published an announcement about the purported 5% increase in the prices of all DStv and GOtv bouquet and packages with effect from the 1st May 2017. This development was a concern to millions of Nigerian users of DStv and GOtv services who were already feeling the brunt of Nigeria's harsh economic recession. However many were kept in suspense as to know the exact amounts the MultiChoice product tarrifs would be raised to because the initial announcement on the increment was not spwcific on the DStv and GOtv bouquets prices.
DStv latest prices of Bouquet packages
This post however brings you the specific different amounts of all DStv bouquet or product prices. As a subscriber or DStv user, knowing how much each package costs would help you make better informed choices concerning your use of the DStv service and this post gives you the complete and latest prices of all DStv bouquets from May 2017 forward - premium, compact plus, compact, family, access, etc.



this is the highest conventional bouquet available on the DStv package offers. it has the highest number of TV and Audio channels ranging from movies, sports, documentaries, reality TVs, local channels, educational and scientific realtity shows and many more. DStv users who have the PVR decoders or the Explora decoders may have to pay a little extra for the Play/Rewind/record and other features or functionalities in the Exlora, the PVRs or the ExtraView setups.



This is where your world of complete sports experiences begin to unfold. This package is second to the DStv Premium as it has the second highest number of TV and audio channels. Subscribers with PVR, Explora or ExtraView decoder systems could combine this compact plus package with these extra features on their decoders while just aying a little more token.


This is the third largest conventional bouquet or DStv package. With interesting varieties of movie, sports, documentary, local, kiddies and many more categories of TV channels, this DStv bouquet stands out when you compare your pocket strength with super digital satellite pay-tv entertainment.

DSTV FAMILY (Costs NGN 3,800)

For the below-average or low income earners, this DStv package is most likely to be what you are looking for. Africa Magic channels which are also present in higher packages mentioned above give you the best in African movies with the kids, sports news lovers, news freaks andmany other class of viewers not left out. with the latest price increment in all DStv packages, new channels have also surfaced in the bouquets especially in the DStv Family bouquet.


DSTV ACCESS (Costs NGN 1,900)

MultiChoice Nigeria arranged the Dstv program and super technological services to cut across every income earning level of the Nigerian populace. With this little subscription token monthly, your home cannot be left out in the comforting experience of best local channels, Africa magic, religious, documentary, educative, kiddies and many other quality channels from the stable of DStv.
Now you can go for any convenient choice of DStv subscription and remember to also inform your friends using the social media by sharing this post. Your contributions are also welcome so I may learn your views about DStv tariffs in Nigeria.

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