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Friday, 14 April 2017


In being successful in the cable, terrestrial and satellite TV installation, there are rules.

Firstly, every region of the world is unique in terms of people, their acceptance of the digital cable, terrestrial or the satellite TV, the market forces and even government policies. But most importantly, your knowledge of how to do the thing is the basics, followed by your sincerity when doing business with people. Focus more on satisfying your customers and building good relationships rather than making money by every means. In small time, these relationahips translate to more work and more money.

Secondly, always try to know about new developments in any brand example, changes in price of decoders, subscription rates and new installation technologies. This means that you need to always research and develop on what you already know as well as new findings.

Thirdly, always go the extra mile. From your learning and research activities to dealing with your customers during servicing or installations, doing that extra good thing to satisfy gives you an edge over your contemporaries. It also keeps you in people's good books. Money is not everything at all times. Doing certain minor jobs free or without being asked to do them tells your customers that your interest lies more in satisfying them than in collecting their money and walking away. Here in Nigeria, most successful installers diversify their technological expertise. Although we have notable terrestrial, cable and satellite TV services like the DStv, GOtv, Star times, MyTV, ArabSat, NileSat etc, many successful technicians or satellite TV installers also venture into CCtv security camera installations, computer networking etc. This  move to enlarge and enrich their knowledge base increases their field of relevance. As long as you are well grounded in any field, all you need is that winning attitude and consistency for you to become a successful installer. Most importantly, never argue destructively with a customer who has come to employ your services or engage you. Always be polite, gentle, but firm when driving home your point. Even when a customer proves too difficult especially in the course of you working for him, explain to him the implications of his decisions then, let the customer have his way. Let your customer know that he is important to you. If anything goes wrong in future as a result, the customer would exonerate you.

Lastly, try to fix yourself up with a certified dealer, retailer or branded store. Public trust and confidence are higher in dealing with installers attached to genuine institutions. Lastly and most importantly, to be a successful installed, always make God your friend and pray ceaselessly.

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