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Monday, 20 March 2017


One truth about all digital screen devices is that there are harmful radiations emitted from the screen once the device is in use. These radiations have been authentically confirmed to be directly or indirectly harmful to humans who use these devices. Whether a TV, laptop or desktop computer, smartphone or cellular phones, palmtops or tablets etc, every digital device emits radiations. Aside screen radiations, communication devices like phones and computers also emit many other forms of radiations. These radiations have have been known to directly or indirectly cause series of diseases which in many cases led to death or permanent body part impairments. Do you consider the magnitude and consequent effect of these emitted radiation when you use your digital communication devices?

Although science and technology have made gains in the invention, innovation and evolution of phones and computers, they have failed to beat the challenges of a zero radiation digital device technology. It is true that many communication technology brands have radiation safety standards, these are largely inadequate in eliminating or even reducing the destructive effects in the health of phone and computer devices. This leaves billions of digital screen users all over the world at the mercy of harmful radiations. A newly purchased phone or computer device usually presents information on the safety standard of its emitted screen and all-body radiation written in the operating manual.

With advances in optical technology, it has been revealed that unchecked exposure to radiations from digital phone or computer screens cause eye problems such as ocular dryness, ocular hypertension, digital wye strain, radiation retinopathy, macular degeneration and so many others. The bad news is that once diseases like radiation retinopathy and macular degeneration set in, it is almost irreversible as there has not yet been a fully satisfying remedy to them. I guess it is better to prevent their occurrence than treating them.

Considering these challenges, what is the health future of phone and computer users all over the world? Being aware of these inherent health challenges caused by careless exposure to phone and computer radiations is the first step to managing the ugly trend. Many young people enjoy the close range use of phones and computers in the dark when radiation emitting is highest. A minute gaze of the eyes on a phone screen would make your eyes dry and hurting. Persistent faze can lead to heightened intraocular pressure and possibly hypertension.

Wearing  photo chromic lenses, regular blinking of the eyes at less than 15 seconds intervals, good diet and regular eye and body exercises are excellent ways to prevent damages due to computer or phone digital screen. The world especially the developing countries like Nigeria stand a greater risk of health damages due to unchecked exposure to phone and computer screen radiations. Technology so far has not left us with much choice.

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