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Thursday, 30 June 2016


I understand that the economy is largely too bad thus opting to buy already used phones and computer devices might look like the best decision. A lot of mobile tech users usually buy different versions of already-used mobile phones - referred to as London-used phones, Nigeria-used phones, US used phones or generally tokunbo phones and computer devices. But why must we stop patronizing these non brand new mobile technology devices? the reasons are not far-fetched.

To non-enlightened users in the developing or underdeveloped countries, these reasons may not matter much. However a critical look will reveal that there is every reason to stop buying mobile phones and computer devices that are not brand new. This post will expose the many reasons tokunbo or Lodon-used phones are not good for your purchase and use.

London used phones

Delicate Micro computer chips Have been Degraded

One of the commonest features of devices which have already been used is the degradation of the delicate smart computer micro chips upon which the devices are built on. Once a device is built, every component integrated in it has a programmed life span. When the micro processors run, this lifespan wanes off. Whether physically damaged or not, such device cannot remain the same when you buy it. Over a short period of time, the full impact of the lifespan reduction comes into play.

Bigger Radiation, Greater Health Risks

Although scientists hav proven that mobile phones and computer devices emit radiations which pose some health risks, the effect is largely greater on phones or devices which are sold as used phones. At manufacture, the efficiency of the device components work to ensure minimal radiation emission. As the components weakens due to usage, also is their ability to minimize radiation emissions. Hence, buying used phones or London-used phones or tokunbo phones increases your exposure to dangerous electronic adiations from such devices.

Danger of buying Stolen Devices

Due to advancement in technology, it has increasingly become easier to track phones and computer devices even when their network provider SIM cards have been withdrawn. As technology has greatly advanced, so also is the incidences of organised crime locally and globally. When you buy already used phones or computer devices, you may never know what such devices might have been used for in the past. Hence you might be running a great security risk without knowing.

There is nothing to gain by buying used or tokunbo phones and computer devices rather, there is all to loose. Have you had any bad experience over buying a used, tokunbo or London-used phone? Please share your experience with us in the comment box below and also remember to share this post on the social media.

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