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Sunday, 15 May 2016


It has happened in Belgium. The world’s first ever brewed beer underground transportation pipelines about to be launched. Not only crude oil nor petroleum products are now carried in underground pipelines, brewed beers have joined the elite league of pipeline transported products.
A brewing company in the Bruges medieval city of Belgium has just begun with this innovation to transport brewed beers through pipelines to save cost, time, space and other logistical problems. Obviously, they have never been disappointed by their latest technological innovative plans so far as massive supports keep coming from the members of the public and beyond for the underground beer transportation pipeline technology.
According to News sources, the pipeline which will be completed and soon made operational will transport beer at the rate of 1,057 gallons per hour. The loading source shall be from its brewing plant in the heart of Brussels to the company’s bottling plant outside the city, making the project a 2 mile long transportation pipeline.

Underground Beer Pipeline in Belgium
A City in Belgium, lovers of Beer
Aside the numerous support, many residents are already begging to have a suction tap positioned close by their homes so as to have direct access to the most wanted beer. Unfortunately, the pipeline is not for such desired purposes but exclusively as a logistic enhancer meant for brewed beer transportation to its bottling source.
What do you feel about this new innovation? Let me know your views as you comment and share this content.

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