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Sunday, 15 May 2016


It is not news when experts tell you that the computer screen can cause varied damages to the human eyes. Primarily, this arises from the dangerous radiations being emitted from the unguarded screens of your desktops, laptops, palmtops, mobile phones and even smart TVs. I hope you know that these gadgets are all classified as computers.
Perhaps what may be news is to know how much of damage that the computer causes to your eyes just over what period of time  spent in front of its screen. You may also wish to know the nature of eye problem you may suffer from if such is caused by the computer screen. This post may not constitute a verified scientific assertion but this is also a true life experience of someone close to me, the auhor of this site.
He steadily worked with an unguarded computer screen for only 3 years, Mondays to Saturdays (8 am to 6 pm) and was diagnosed of eye macular degeneration problem. Initially it was difficult to relate it to a medical condition but he started noticing some difficulties in focusing on objects, reading and driving. Eventually on closing the left eye, he found out that it was worse coupled with wavy appearances of lines which makes objects distorted and difficult to recognize. However, his vision appear normal if he closes the right eye to open only the left one. The eye problem had affected his right eye.

Computer and your eyes
IMAGE SOURCE: geniusbeauty
My friend eventually sought proper medical attention and was authoritatively diagnosed with a degenerative eye macular. Although he has been placed on a therapy which the doctors say might restore his vision to a good extent, he was told that current treatments available may not restore his eyes to 100% normal vision, except God would be on his side. This is how serious his computer-caused eye problem has got to be.
Now that you understand why a lot has been said about using computers with unguarded screens, it is high time you made adjustments to save yourself from casually going blind. Regrettably, not even today’s technology has brought solutions to the many dangerous computer screen radiations which damage not only our eyes but also the cells of the human body where it is exposed to. Although there are screen guards being sold in the open market especially for desktops, it has not yet proven effective in stopping these radiations.


Since you may not be able to completely avoid using the computer, I advise that you significantly reduce the number of hours you spend in front of it. People are addicted to their mobile phones not realizing how much damage they do to their eyes as they surf the technology. On the roads, in the bars, homes, offices, churches, everywhere people especially girls are seen fidgeting with their smartphones and staring steadily right into it. What would happen years after a dedicated epoch of phone and computer romance, only time would tell.
It is advisable to wear sun shades with Ultra-violet UV protection glasses when using any form of computers. The reason is not far-fetched. The computer technology emits more of radiations within the visible, infra-red and UV rays which these type of glasses can protect to a meaningful extent.
Begin to appreciate the fact that every electronic screen has the ability to maje you go blind if used without caution. Technology has brought us blessings in enhancing our entertainment pleasure but has regrettably also brought us curses through unforeseen blindness. However with good knowledge of these inherent risks and a resolve to checkmate them by adhering to these tips, you will remain safe from becoming and eye disable just like my beloved friend.
As a reminder, here are also other steps you could take to minimize the various problems the computer screen could cause to your eyes;
  • Go for a comprehensive eye exam
  • Ensure that the room and the computer screen are well lightened
  • Adjust light sources around you to minimize glare
  • Upgrade your  computer display to a latest recommended version for enhanced performance and health security
  • Always blink your eyes to keep it moist and strain-free
  • Learn to exercise your eyes and their muscles
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