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Good day lovely readers. When your DStv channels are not showing when they ought to, when you pay for subscription and yet you do not have your channels back on, what do you do. Even if your decoder is of other brands like MyTV, QSat, Arab Sat, Nile Sat or digital terrestrials like Startimes or GOtv, it is necessary that you understand why your channels are not showing as it will help you to resolve it quickly without much stress. Therefore, in this post, I shall teach you what to do to bring back your DStv and other brands' channels when they go off prematurely.

Error Codes for Different Satellite and Terrestrial TV Brands

The first thing you must learn is the different error codes associated with your brand of digital TV system. Although satellite TV decoder e codes may look similar in many respects, they are different from their terrestrial TV counterparts and strictly differ even within them. For example is DStv error codes which is satellite-based and quite different from Startimes error codes. Understanding the DStv and other decoder error codes helps you to diagnose, understand and restore your channels as quickly as possible. Remember that each error code has an accompanying short descriptive message after the code. Take time to read through and digest it properly.

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Now, if you have paid for your subscription and your channels fail to show by the time you switch on your decoder, so many reasons could be responsible for it. You don't have to panic or think that you have been financially short-changed. Digital satellite or terrestrial decoders are like Windows in computers - they are user-friendly. There are self-help methods you can try out to fix any of such issues.

Some Self-help Methods of Restoring your DStv and other Decoder Channels

Let us understand that no self-help method is completely reliable. This may be due to system efficiency which is never 100%. However, they have been confirmed to work most of the time in solving DStv problems as well as other satellite or terrestrial decoder issues. Also know that no single self-help method works for all types of decoder problems.
Are you subscribed to DStv, you can read up the entire DStv Error Codes and their solutions here. Users of GOtv which is a sister brand to DStv but although terrestrial, may find its channels error codes very similar to DStv. However, in the SMS destination during E16-4 for DStv and E016-4 for GOtv, the RESET text message is sent to 30333 for DStv subscribers in Nigeria and 4688 for GOtv subscribers in Nigeria as well. Other countries with the DStv and GOtv services have got their respective RESET SMS destinations.
For other satellite or terrestrial TV decoder brands, different solutions also exist. These involve calling their Helplines directly, sending SMSs, logging onto their websites to resolve such issues online, and the most common method entails visiting any of their outlets to complain and have such issues trashed. In my next publication, I shall bring you the detailed self-help methods of resolving channel issues for other brands like MyTV, Startimes etc.
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