Wednesday, 16 December 2015

It has been surprising but very welcoming to see the rate at which questions and inquiries on the Startimes decoder frequencies, settings and installation guild flood my inbox and comment platforms. It seems many users who purchase the Startimes digital terrestrial pay-tv system unknowingly miss out in the directives handed out for its successful installation and use. Previously, I made a publication concerning the step-by-step approach on how to install Startimes digital TV decoder and antenna.
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This publication explained the mechanical or technical processes involved in unpacking, coupling, mounting and tracking the Startimes digital signals, all during its installation process. However, I did not reveal the treasure chest which are the digital decoder frequencies and the complete settings of the Startimes pay-tv system. Therefore, in this post, I will show you the complete operational frequencies and settings of the Startimes decoder when installing a new system or modifying the existing settings for whatever reasons you may have. If you are ready to know the Startimes decoder frequencies and settings, then belt up and read down.

Startimes Decoder Installation Frequencies

When you buy a new Startimes decoder, remember that you are dealing with a prepaid digital terrestrial system. It is prepaid in the sense that all the required settings and frequencies have already been encoded into the decoder. The service providers of Startimes would always expect the best practices from you which entails;
  • following the on-screen instructions (changing the TIME, COUNTRY, LANGUAGE and so on) as they are displayed after connecting your antenna and switching on your decoder
  • Never attempt to edit the already-encoded frequencies at the deeper part of the decoder MENU. These encoded frequencies will give you the best signal and scan experiences so long as your antenna is mounted properly and captures sufficient signals from that geographical area.
I can assure you that if you adhere to the above-listed best practices in the Startimes decoder installation, you would never complain or request for any Startimes decoder frequencies or settings. They have all been pre-arranged for the easiest installation and usage experience. I hope these information have solved your problem of Startimes frequencies and settings? If you still wish to have more answers, I shall be glad to receive your questions through the comment box below this post. Please remember to share with your friends as they too may be in need of this info.


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  2. Help me please, I reset my decoder, how do I set the frequency again? That is Startime

    1. Dear goodwealth, the frequency parameters on the startimes decoder do not wipe away upon resetting the decoder. unless something else had gone wrong with the decoder. if not, simply rescan the startimes decoder. Please ensure that the startimes antenna is properly positioned to capture signals efficiently. Thank you

  3. How to access startimes deeper setting menu, pliz send me procedure here

  4. what is the frequency and symble rate for tracking startime in ghana

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  6. my cable got disconnected from the external satellite i have connected it but my channels are still unavailble even with the auto search nothing is coming up

  7. I bought a new startime decoder but over here the agent did not decode it gor me how will i going to install??


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