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Monday, 16 November 2015


Looking closely at the manner with which MultiChoice Nigeria introduced their first ever digital terrestrial TV broadcast services known as the GOtv in Nigeria, one could only but express shock the selling price of GOtv in the open market would suddenly shoot up. GOtv now sells for 6,900 NGN as against the 4,500 NGN, the price which formerly enabled it to successfully penetrate the Nigerian market.
Although GOtv has got a resounding content and packaging, super video and audio quality as well as quality technology, the times may not be most appropriate for the unforeseen price increment. I hope MultiChoice is aware that GOtv dealers, retailers and shops all over Nigeria are now selling at the shocking higher rates of 6,900 NGN.
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Image Source: TECHMORAN
Most GOtv subscribers would easily advise for increase in the number of channels available on GOtv as a measure to cushion the effect of this GOtv price hike. Also, as most TV models are adopting the Higher Definition HD forms, GOtv HD decoders enhanced with HDMI ports would invariably be the way to follow in the tide of the current times.
The truth is that Nigerians are in love with GOtv. An independent research shows that 2 out of every 5 Nigerians already owns a GOtv system either at home or at business premises of offices. GOtv started with a price resonating around 5,000 NGN to 6,000 NGN initially. They eventually saw the wisdom to reduce their price most probably to capture the market.
Surprisingly, that move proved successful. Now, we see a new high price of GOtv emerging. Could it be the end of a market-penetration era, and the beginning of a profit-maximization campaign? Nigerians are still watching!
GOtv now ranks among the best digital video broadcast - terrestrial TV service in the country today. I have no doubt the GOtv service provider or MultiChoice Nigeria is currently enjoying huge financial turnovers from the business of GOtv. However, they need to be careful at this stage. Increasing the price of GOtv from 4,500 NGN to 6,900 NGN in the face of the present economic challenges in Nigeria does not really sound like the right step. MultiChoice Nigeria needs to reconsider this GOtv price hike move.

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