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Monday, 19 October 2015


The world's foremost space science and technology agency the North American Space Agency NASA has submitted a 1000 page document to the White House explaining what will happen from November 15 to 29, 2015. As reported by Newswatch33.com, NASA explained that the Earth will be thrown into a complete darkness which will last for 15 days. This is not a global electricity power blackout, but a solar system-generated blackout. According to NASA, this upcoming event last took place over 1 million years ago. The reality of this event seems very scary which makes me really imagine - could NASA really be right?
With all its technology, I have every reason to believe NASA's report. Predictions were made about lunar and solar eclipses and they all came to pass. The same technology could as well be trusted to predict reliably regardless of the huge magnitude posed by the reported near-future global event.

What Exactly Will Cause the Global Blackout?

According to the NASA document and as reported by Newswatch33, two planets Venus and Jupiter will come to align closely parallel to each other with only about 1 degree separation. The planet Venus shall relocate to South West of Jupiter consequently shining 10 times brighter than the later.
Being a planet of gases, Jupiter will be heated up by lights from Venus and initiate a reaction which consequently shall release huge amount of hydrogen into space. Chemistry tells us that Hydrogen is an explosive gas especially upon contact with heat.
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Picture Source: Newswatch33
The released hydrogen will make contact with the Sun and a huge explosion shall occur right on the surface of the Sun. NASA says that the explosion will cause the Sun's surface temperature to shoot up to an instant 9,000 degree kelvin. In an attempt to cease the explosion, the Sun will emit heat from its core causing it to dim to a bluish color. Once the Sun becomes blue, NASA says that it shall take approximately 14 days for the Sun to regain its normal surface temperature and gigantic red fire ball.
This is when the earth shall be thrown into complete blackness.

How Safe is the Earth and its Space Technology with this Unfolding Event?

I thought upon the activities that shall take place in space as a result and I keep thinking - how could this affect the earth's satellite communication technology in space? I need someone to reassure me that with the release of huge mass of hydrogen into space and with the consequent explosions near the Sun's surface, the earth and all its space technology gadgets will remain safe and functional.
Considering the magnitude of such a one lifetime event, I think it is best to make public the details of NASA report on the predicted global blackout. It will ensure a prompt readiness by all and sundry in order to minimize the effect of any fallout or eventuality. I love NASA.

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