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Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Before this time, users of phones with the Windows Operating System had been able to install and use one of the world's most popular social chat mobile applications known as the WhatsApp. However, it became disheartening when they discovered that they could only send messages via chats but could not use one of the App's new and unique features - the WhatsApp Free call service. Now, WhatsApp has expanded its list of compatible devices for free phone calls which now includes all mobile phones using the Windows operating system. This means that you can now call any contact on your Windows phone who is also on the WhatsApp platform for free.
This new development has definitely brought great relief to millions of Windows phone users especially in Nigeria, who largely rely on the WhatsApp social App to effectively communicate with friends and family. Nigeria has been known to be one of the world's largest market for the mobile phone technology. It is interesting to note that a larger percentage of this number uses phones with the Windows operating systems. Some mobile phones running on the Windows software are the popular ranges of the Nokia Lumia which now bears the Microsoft brand.
An interview granted by My Digi-Tech Media Blog to a major mobile phone dealer in Imo State of Nigeria revealed that ever since the WhatsApp free call service became available on Windows phones, there have been increasing market demand for Windows operating system mobile phones and tablets.
My Digi-Tech Media Blog
IMAGE SOURCE (Tech News Today TNT)
Personally, I am not surprised at this recent trend. Most Nigerians have taken to the social media platforms for communication since the conventional phone call tariffs have become increasingly costly. Fortunately for lovers of the social chat media, all you need to have to enable you use the WhatsApp call service is a regular active data subscription. This is the same data bundle purchased to enable you browse your mobile internet and socialize with your mobile phone.
Now I say to all ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a world of better alternative to phone calls. The WhatsApp free call service has come to stay and I know that with time, this service will continue to expand its compatibility to so many other types of device operating systems. Let us recall that this service has long been available on android phones, i-Phones as well as Blackberry phone.

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