Tuesday, 15 September 2015

You may have noticed some pronounced changes in the look and functionality of My Digi-Tech Media Blog. Just relax, this is the same technology blog site that brings you interesting and trending issues on cable and satellite technology, mobile technology, computer technology, health and chemical technology, internet technology as well as technology-based jobs and career developments.
Due to popular demand, I have repackaged this blog to meet with the best in all technology-based issues, user responsiveness, rich post content as well as shortest turn-around time in answering your queries, questions and comments. I urge all lovers of science and technology especially as it concerns cable and satellite technology like DStv, GOtv, StarTimes, QSat, Strong MyTV and so many more, to embrace this blog for the most interesting write ups. Also covered include computer and mobile technology and other tech-based issues. I urge you to rally round and engage this blog intensively.
My Digi-Tech Media Blog
My Digi-Tech Media Blog is also waxing strong in the social media world. Currently, the blog registers over 900 unique visitors from all over the world daily. You can see this on the blog visitors' data at the footer of the blog. Our fans community on Facebook, Twitter and Google + is also very engaging and you are invited to be very much part of the community of fans.
Going forward, we shall begin to see more creative, investigative, revealing and incisive publications coming from My Digi-Tech Media Blog. Writers on technology-based topics who may want their publications published on this blog may contact me on My Digi-Tech Contact Page. I shall publish your post(s) without any form of alteration or link removal upon confirmation of the terms of agreement which you shall find very soft.
Digi-Tech Media Blog has come to serve you better. Never let a day pass you without visiting my blog as you will find many more interesting topics to read and digest.


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