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Monday, 3 August 2015


If you own a smartphone – maybe android, blackberry, windows, iPhone or any other smart mobile device, how many applications are installed in your smartphone and how many of them do you utilize? In Nigeria and according to an independent source, over 95% of smartphone users use less than 20% of apps installed in their devices. The popular ones being the social-based apps like WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger or BBM, Badoo, Wechat, Skype and Facebook mobile apps. Most surprisingly, hundreds of other smartphone apps are left unutilized but they continue to run in the background and consume your internet data.
What most Nigerians do not know is that every app installed in any mobile smart device has a utility purpose. Manufacturers of these smartphones expect that buyers would utilize these apps or softwares to solve their social needs, business or economic needs and so on. Unfortunately, nearly all of these installed smart apps have embedded features which require internet data which you and I pay for to run efficiently. The moment your smartphone is switched on, these apps become automatically activated in the background. Whether called up or not, they run on their own accord and contribute to the depletion of your internet data.
Nigerians can begin to maximize the use of their subscribed internet data access through the use of those underlying smart apps. Most of them are business apps, messaging apps, entertainment or social networking apps, news apps among many others. Using these apps could make life easier by making all sorts of information available to you at any time. The truth is that whether you use them or not, your internet data access will keep depleting.
In the developed countries, many successful people today have their schedules, worksheets, instruments and many more vital data centered on their smartphones. This makes it possible for them to use a larger percentage of the softwares installed in their smartphones thereby maximizing the use of whatever internet data access they may have subscribed to. I think Nigerians should learn from these developed world and begin to add more value to their own lives.
However, manufacturers of smartphones can also engineer a smart technology which could allow a smartphone user select some installed apps to activate while others remain inactive in the background at any point in time. This move will ensure better control over internet data usage and even a better information security against wireless internet hackers.
Considering the fact that Nigeria is still within the zone of an emerging economy, millions of smartphone users are blissfully unaware of this source of internet data loss which culminates to economic wastage. A lot could be achieved if enlightenment campaigns will be geared towards reversing the trend. The cashless policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria through its apex bank the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN could be well embraced by the larger society if smartphone users would begin to use these underlying apps which also include financial e-transact applications.
How can we propagate this awareness? How can we make Nigerians realize what they have been missing from misuse of the smartphone super-divers technology? I gladly welcome your thoughts and comments and also remember to share this post with friends and family on the social networks.

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