Thursday, 19 March 2015

As millions of Nigerians are recounting their sad ordeals in the hands of MultiChoice over planned increment of DStv tariff, another approach by the Government may provide a glimmer of light and hope. This comes as the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Communications Commission NCC auctions the license for the broadband spectrum. The broadband spectrum is an open door to world class high speed internet services among which include data, voice, video and many more.

Auctioning the license for the broadband spectrum is a sure way of making its services more efficient, affordable, more penetrative and closer to the people. Let me simplify what I mean by Broadband spectrum. This platform gives you a very wide range of digital technology services which involves voice calls, video calls and streams, high-speed internet, digital radio and television and lots more. The better news is that all these come to you at a very cheap rate.

Imagine a world where you can make calls, stream videos, browse internet at high speed, watch direct multi-digital satellite TV channels, listen to the radio and do many more just by having some wire connected to your home. When you could get all these by paying a token, don't you think MultiChoice Nigeria would be forced to bring down its DStv subscription tariff?

You may ask, how does the broadband spectrum service relate to the kind of TV services provided by DStv? The TV channels you watch on DStv are brought to you through digital satellite communications. The DStv dish you mount outside your home is a mini satellite which communicates with the satellite in space to receive the digital TV signals. In some cases, you can even browse the internet using your DStv decoders.

The same technological service is obtainable when using the broadband spectrum communication technology except that it is much more efficient than conventional DStv satellite Dish system. You also enjoy access to many other services as listed above. With a broadband spectrum gadget, you will even have access to larger number of TV channels via the satellite. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of TV signals propagated by satellites in space. That is why it is also possible to watch TV channels online, stream videos and do many more.

When the larger majority of Nigerians have access to such services, the monopoly of MultiChoice DStv will be automatically broken. Their subscription tariffs for DStv would be forced down. This is really the future of Nigeria's information and communications technology. By the time the Federal Government concludes the broadband spectrum auction, satellite and telecom giants will step in to roll out the setup gadgets.

You and I could purchase the setup kits to get connected and start enjoying these wide range of services. Nigerians will continue to enjoy super digital and higher-definition TV channels, thanks to the introduction of the broadband spectrum in Nigeria.


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