Saturday, 7 March 2015

One of the effective ways to improve your personal security is your ability to control what comes to you through your mobile phone calls. There are many technological gadgets that help us step up our mobile security as well as personal safety. If you have been threatened, blackmailed or lied to during phone calls and you needed an evidence to lodge some complaints with the law enforcement agents, then there is need to learn how to record all your phone calls - incoming or outgoing.

In this post, I will expose you to an automatic voice call recorder application that promptly records all your calls and lets you playback and share recorded files. The software technology keeps you in control of voice calls and what you do with them. This Call Recording technology helps you reproduce and listen to pleasant calls, immunes you from lack of evidence to threat calls and consequently helps you improve your personal security.

How to record all your phone calls to improve personal security

I recently stumbled upon a mobile phone call security app that automatically records all my out-going and in-coming phone calls without my pressing any start button. A friend who introduced me to the App was threatened severally by his former business partner, who never knew that all his Call threats were clearly recorded, replayable and transferable. It was no surprise that his threats ended when he learnt that all his phone calls were promptly recorded and the files lodged with security agents.

Most newly purchased smartphones especially android phones come with pre-installed Call recorders but they usually fail to deliver seamless and effective call recordings. The idea is to have a Call Recording technology that automatically starts recording the moment you dial a number or as soon as you pick up a phone call, without you having to press any button. The better idea is a Call Recording software technology which enables you to play recorded phone calls and share recorded audio files anyhow you wish. This gives you control over the use of the Automatic Call Recorder to improve your personal security.


You can Download the Auto Call Recorder App for your android phones here and this is the first step. After downloading the App, install it the usual way. Open the Call Recorder App and switch it on and you are ready. When you reboot your mobile phone, the call recorder app turns itself on automatically thereby ensuring that you are covered even in your unconscious moments.

It is very necessary to keep record of all your phone calls for obvious reasons. You might wish to play back voice calls of persons you missed so much, or lessons you took through voice calls. Some vital information may be passed to you via voice calls and to ensure you don't forget, it becomes necessary to record such calls. This Automatic Call Recording App also gives you options to delete any recorded file when it has overstayed its usefulness.

The usefulness is what prompted me to write you on this and not for the sake of its publicity. It's no gain saying that your personal security starts from being able to control what people say to you on phone calls. Knowing that calls are recorded helps curtail what people say on phone calls.


  1. Hi, thanks for share the post Phone call recording is a great facility to keep you calls and that make the app possible.

  2. Infinix note 4 has issues with most call recorder. It will your out going conversation without recording the incoming voice conversation. Still looking for one that will work with Infinix note 4


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