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Nigeria currently has over 30 million subscribers of the DStv and other forms of cable and satellite TV services. This presents the cable and satellite TV technology as one of the most lucrative businesses as well as most prevalent technologies in the country of over 160 million people. Consequently, many have taken to this brand of business either as product dealers, retailers, maintenance technicians and installers. Unfortunately, a lot of these technicians and installers are not substantially equipped or knowledgeable enough to render expert installation and technical aid in this field of technology.

If you wish to know how to be an expert in DStv and other cable and satellite TV installation, technical repairs and maintenance n Nigeria, then I advise you read on.
For you to be an expert in DStv, cable and satellite TV installation and other technical engagements, you need to understand that its technology is rated high. Thus requires skilled manpower and well-grounded knowledge. Obtaining the technical knowledge is never sufficient, therefore a good theoretical understanding of how the cable and satellite TV technology works is very essential. Here are few steps to follow to become an expert in DStv and other forms of cable and satellite TV installation, technical repairs and maintenance in Nigeria;

Develop Genuine Interest in the Cable and Satellite TV Technology

The most essential requirement needed to be an expert in the cable and satellite TV services is to develop deep, self-motivated and genuine interest. Do you hunger to know more in this field of technology and wish to use your knowledge to enhance the lot of people who use it? Are you continuously motivated to advance in your knowledge and service in the cable and satellite TV technology industry even when the odds are high?
If your answers are yes, then you are ready to start learning to be an expert in this field of technology. As a prevalent technology that has wide business coverage in Nigeria, you will surely make money but do not let money be your primary motivator if you wish to succeed as an expert.

Attached yourself to an Established Cable and Satellite TV Service Provider or Dealer

You can never sufficiently learn and master the cable and satellite TV technology if you learn independently. You can never rely on internet research alone to be an expert. Therefore it is very essential to find and attach yourself to a veritable cable and satellite TV service provider, dealer or even a retailer. This ensures you have a more practical approach and wholesome skill development. It will also help you know about changes in trends, policies and technologies of any brand under the cable and satellite TV industry in Nigeria.
Most importantly, an expert should have a solid platform where more researches are made and information are shared. Attaching yourself to an efficient Cable and satellite TV service provider gives you that advantage of sharing your ideas and new innovations in cable and satellite TV technology. For instance, most branches of DStv you see in Nigeria are only but private franchises. Fortunately, the larger crop of well-informed and expert DStv installers and technicians work for these franchises.

Obtain Official Certification and Accreditation from the Cable and Satellite TV Provider

At a point prior to graduation from training, you need to be certified or accredited before you can become a recognized expert. Certifications are issued by the cable and satellite TV brand which your training was majored in. As one of the most prevalent technologies in Nigeria, the cable and satellite TV industry has got over 7 notable brands including DStv and MyTV.
If you probably trained in the DStv service technology, your certification shall be issued by MultiChoice Nigeria, which is the parent company offering DStv services to Nigerians. However, the dealer or franchise outfit where you attached yourself facilitates your certification. This ensures a stress-free certification and accreditation once your training is completed.
Your Certification is what tells the public that your expertise is genuine. It is the leverage you have against that road-side technician or installer who has not got any formal recommendation. You can read up mistakes you make by patronizing road-side DStv, cable and satellite TV installers or technicians.

During Cable and Satellite TV Technical Services, Go the Extra Mile

When you are engaged for some DStv or other forms of Cable and Satellite TV technical assistance, it pays to go the extra mile. This is the secret which makes people recommend your services even without your knowledge. Do not bill your customer for every little assistance rendered. Be sincere and keep your customers well informed of your procedures.
Always be very responsive and punctual to your customers’ agreed time. Make sure that every cable and satellite TV installation or technical job is completed, tested and confirmed by your customer before your make billed demands. These are the marks of an expert in cable and satellite TV services.

As a Cable and Satellite TV Installer or Technical Expert, do Researches and Update Self

You can never be an expert when you do not update your knowledge and skills. The prevalent nature of the cable and satellite TV technology in Nigeria is such that new innovations example, installation equipment, procedures and cable extension mechanisms are being discovered frequently. An up-to-date expert installer or technician can never be found wanting in the discharge of his duties.
There are many more ways of becoming an expert DStv and other cable and satellite TV installer or technician which I may not have mentioned here. I invite your contributions and ideas through the comment box below. If you have questions or wish to relay your experience with your DStv or any other cable and satellite TV, please do so and I will be glad to share in your experience.
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