Friday, 27 March 2015

Today, I shall be sharing with you the common mistakes you make while installing your DStv and indeed every other cable and satellite TV decoder and dish system. I feel this is long overdue because many readers have already contacted me on problems they encounter soon after installing new DStv and some other cable and satellite TV decoders.

As the cable and satellite TV has become one of Nigeria's most prevalent technologies and even all over Africa, I would not be surprised if many more people experience similar challenges arising from improper installation of their cable and satellite TV decoder systems. Now would be a great opportunity to know the cause of those post-installation problems and how they can be solved.

These mistakes may have prevailed over a long period and until recent times, DStv and other cable and satellite TV installation problems where never associated with them. Considering the massive usage of the cable and satellite TV technology in almost every home in Nigeria and even Africa, records would have shown huge amount of money lost as a result. Therefore knowing about these prevalent mistakes and their solutions would eliminate every problem in using DStv and other cable and satellite TV technology.

Passing Connection Cable Wires Through Security Barb Wires

Most people who install their DStv and other cable and satellite TV close to walls usually pass or line their connection cable wires through their security barb wires. This is a mistake. Security barb wires are strong electric conductors and have sharpened spikes which easily puncture the rubber coating of your cable and satellite connection cable wires to reach the conducting thread inside.

Any current passing through the security barb wires either drawn from lightning or any other source, passes into your DStv or other cable and satellite connection wires. This causes voltage overload and the entire system collapses. Unfortunately, you would never notice the wires have been punctured until the damage is done.

A personal survey on the users of DStv and other cable and satellite TV in Gwarinpa Estate, in the city of Abuja, Nigeria who passed their connection wires through their security barb wires shows over 3 defaulters in every 5 users. The implication is that there will be frequent cable and satellite TV system breakdown in 3 out of every 5 homes over short periods.

The solution is that during any cable and satellite TV installation, never line or make your wires pass through any sharp, spiked conducting material. Professional installers would always use clips to hold the wires in appropriate positions which appears neat and easily traceable.

Positioning your Cable And Satellite Decoder on ill-ventilated Areas

Aside your cable and satellite TV decoder, all electrical appliances require good ventilation to function optimally. Heat is generated when electrical parts function. Therefore, air is needed to cool the fragile parts of your device. otherwise, their is overheating and consequent breakdown. This problem might happen over a short period or may degenerate with time making it difficult for you to know what actually caused it.

The mistake of positioning in poorly ventilated areas which leads to overheating and subsequent breakdown is very common in the cable and satellite TV decoder technology. That is why vents are sufficiently constructed on every digital TV decoder box to aid proper ventilation. Therefore always ensure that wherever you position your decoder is properly ventilated.

Installing Your DStv, Cable and Satellite TV with Cheap and Inferior Parts and Accessories

Another common mistake you make in installing your cable and satellite TV is the use of inferior parts and accessories. You may be tempted to patronize inferior installation accessories because they are cheap in the markets. Remember that quality technologies do not promise cost-efficiency. As super-tech as the satellite TV technology may be, do not use cheap but inferior parts and accessories if you intend to get the best result from your DStv and other cable and satellite TV installations.

Most professional installers might generate unfriendly budget when you hire them for installation works, sometimes it may be rewarding to parley along with them to ensure best results. Cutting corners might be counter-productive in the near future. DStv and other cable and satellite TV installation accessories are readily available in the markets, thanks to the prevalent nature of the cable and satellite TV technology in Nigeria and Africa.

Patronizing Road-side/Unaccredited Cable and Satellite TV installers

I have always recommended that serious projects such as buying and installing a DStv or any other cable and satellite TV should be done with reliable business sources. Due to the prevalent nature of the cable and satellite TV technology in Nigeria and Africa, many firms and individuals are now dealing on related products and services. However, it will be a costly mistake to buy products and hire installers from road-side or unaccredited vendors.

I say it is your duty to find out the authenticity of your would-be cable and satellite TV system sellers or dealers and the accreditation status of your would-be installer. This ensures your transaction security and assurance of quality service from your purchased products and installation services.

Installing your DStv, Cable and Satellite TV During Rain or Poor Weather Conditions

It is never a good idea to proceed with your cable and satellite TV installation while it is raining or any other form of poor weather conditions. I say this because it is an established fact that rain or bad weather affects signal reception. You or your installer can never have a good satellite signal reception during rain.

A corner-cutting installer might want to quickly install your DStv or any other cable and satellite TV when the weather is not at its best, just to get it over with and get paid. This is mistake with criminal intend. It is your duty to stop him. Allow the weather to clear up so that quality signal can be detected and supplied to your decoder for the best viewing pleasure.

Despite the fact that the use of cable and satellite TV technology is already prevalent, many Nigerians still do not observe these rules. Consequently, such common mistakes have resulted to loss of millions if not billions of naira which could have been saved from frequent maintenance charges and replacement of damaged parts and accessories.

I understand you may have issues bothering you on this topic. I would love you to tell me about any experience you had while installing your DStv or any other cable and satellite TV you may be using. You can use my comment box below this post and also, do not forget to share this post with your friends and family so that they too, can be part of the exercise.


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