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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


You just bought a brand new phone and you wish to maintain its beautiful looks, speed and performance. Or maybe your old phone is having speed problem and even hangs sometimes. Whatever it is, there are simple but magical ways to speed up your phone, boost its performance and make it serve you better and longer.

Basic computer technology taught us that devices need spaces to carry out processes. The bigger the available space, the faster the process and the more capable the device is to handle larger tasks. What I'm implying is that all methods of improving the speed or boosting your device performance revolve round clearing up available space in your phone or other devices.

These ways are very simple. They have been proven to work well on all digital computing devices of which your phone is one. So if you are wondering how you can transform that phone you feel is gone slow, then read through and apply the simple ways as I will outline here for you.


If you just bought a brand new phone, there is every tendency you might just start adding picture files, music, videos and applications without minding the proper location to store them. This is one terrible mistake we make with new phones. By the time you notice it, your phone would have started showing signs of sluggishness.
It is practically simple when you start early to organize your files and apps. This is also necessary as it would be easy to locate any file or app of any type for deletion from your phone. A proper file or app organization translate to having sufficient memory space which speeds up your phone and boosts its performance.


When apps stop responding, we say it has been corrupted. So many factors could make apps to malfunction. When viruses attack your phone it could cause some apps to stop responding. When you notice that a particular app has stopped responding, please uninstall it from the phone as soon as possible. This will ensure that the memory space occupied by the unresponsive app is freed alongside any unfortunate virus that may be kicked away while uninstalling the app.


Another simple way to speed up your phone and boost its performance is by promptly relocating apps and files to the memory card. Your phone uses internal phone memory to process tasks. When these spaces are used up by application raw files, image, sound and video files, it suffers from small RAM space and consequently becomes slow.
It is highly recommended that you move your apps and files to the memory card. Recent smart phones now have options where you can safely designate the memory card to receive incoming data files directly without going through the phone’s internal memory. A free phone internal memory keeps your phone sharp and highly responsive.



Not all active applications in your phone are seen on the screen or used by you. Infact, many more apps run in the background than you can imaging at any point in time. These running take up spaces in the phone’s RAM and if unchecked, causes the phone to slow down or even hang.
Therefore it is very important to specifically kill or stop underground running apps that are not in use. Let us note here that some of these apps may be required by the phone OS to operate normally. I am only advising you to kill apps that you installed – utility apps and leave out the system apps.
Apart from going through the settings option of your phone which is still ok, there are many applications that aid in killing idle apps to free up memory space for the phone. Most of these apps are tagged speed boosters or memory cleaners because the result of killing apps is an increased phone operational speed and a boost in performance.



The cache is a location for storing residual files and history of mostly internet data gathered while browsing. While the cache could be useful when you have to revisit internet sites through your phones in a browsing session, they occupy a reasonable amount of space. I strongly advise you regularly clear your cache to release the spaces occupied by these residual data.
Most phones also have trash cans similar to recycle bins in computers. But you can only access these trash cans by using special speed boosting aps as I explained earlier. You are also advised to regularly clear your trash cans as a simple way of speeding up your phone and boosting its performance.


Viruses are major causes of speed loss or performance breakdown in phones. As you may know, virus means Vital Information Running Under siege. Viruses have ways of enveloping information needed by your phone and presenting it in a harmful or corrupt format. These complications result in phones lacking the necessary information to function optimally.
If you wish to make your phone last long, sustain its virgin speed and performance, always update your antivirus software. Effectively protecting your phone is one of the simple ways to speed up your phone and boost its performance.


I know you may be found wanting here. Most times we think that our messages can stay for as long as the phone exists. This is very wrong. Your phone should not be used as storage for age long messages which accumulates until they occupy large spaces. Unfortunately, we may not be aware that even after deleting other file types and the phone still remains slow, the messages in your inbox or outbox could be responsible. Deleting your messages promptly is very simple and presents an efficient way to speed up your phone and boost its performance.
Although there are many more technical ways of speeding up your phones, the measures I listed above are very simple, effective and can be done by you without any need for a professional. Adopt it and you will see how your phones turns to a speed star in responding to commands.
Now that you have known the simple ways to speed up your phone and boost its performance, what about informing your friends. Share this useful information with them on social platforms and could be helping a friend save his phone from untimely collapse.

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