Saturday, 7 February 2015

Since the New Year, I have noticed with interest that certain positive changes have taken place at MultiChoice Nigeria DStv Branches and outlets all over Nigeria with her products, promotions and prices. The most interesting innovation came from the newly launched Nigeria’s first DStv HD single view decoder, the HD Zappa which price has dropped to all time low of 11,500 NGN. The DStv Super Cruise Promo launched late last year has also been modified and made more customer-friendly with a view to enabling more subscribers get more out of it.

Let me make it clearer. I think the complete set of the new DStv HD Zappa which also includes the satellite dish and its accessories has been designated to sell at 11,500 NGN at major MultiChoice offices nationwide. However, this price may differ when you buy from dealer or retailer outlets with a little margin but must not exceed 13,500 NGN.

I think this is the best time to get yourself this much talked-about HD decoder, the first of its kind in the Nigerian market. I have always believed that MultiChoice Nigeria have always got the social interest of Nigerians at heart hence, the new DStv HD Zappa decoder price dropping to 11,500 NGN while Super Cruise Promo now simplified.

The DStv HD Zappa has got the operating software technology similar to that of the Almighty DStv Explora decoder. This makes you have the same feeling and viewing pleasure while staying glued to your full HD or HD-ready widescreen TV. The HD Zappa decoder has got the Catch UP features, other programmable or customizable features that makes you feel as one with it. Ultimately, it is HD. You can enjoy the pleasure of the most designated HD channels which I know you have always wanted. Do not forget that it comes with a free HDMI cable, and also has Ethernet and USB ports which will be fully in use very soon.

When I first published a post on the DStv Super Cruise Promo, it was a welcomed development for so many Nigerians. I would not be surprised if their joy is tripled now that the Super Cruise Promo entry rules have been made simpler. If you have been waiting for a more suitable condition, then there is no better time to renew your DStv subscription or buy a new DStv set to enter for this mouth-watering DStv promo.

Now with only two months subscription payment for either the Access Bouquet (1,500 per month) or the Family Bouquet (3,000 monthly), you are instantly qualified for the Super Cruise Promo. The good news is that entry is automatic. However, for the Compact (5,000), Compact + (7,850) and premium (11,650) Bouquets, all you need is just only one month subscription to qualify and get enrolled into the draws.

MultiChoice has vowed to make 2015 a year of unprecedented joyous experience for its teeming millions of loyal subscribers in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. So do not sit on the fence. It has started with the new DStv HD Zappa decoder price dropping to 11,500 NGN and the Super Cruise Promo entry rules simplified.

Still ranking the number one in classical digital satellite TV technology services, MultiChoice DStv wishes to create an unbeatable record of wonderful social responsibility and a range of digital satellite TV products and services that will endlessly put smiles on the faces of her customers.

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