Sunday, 15 February 2015

About the last quarter of last year, it was on news that MultiChoice was changing old DStv decoder models for free, in exchange for new models. Thousands of subscribers who were caught in this situation responded and their decoders were successfully exchanged. However, the initial deadline issued was November last year for decoder models 990 and 910, as well as the old model SD PVR decoders.

Surprisingly, many customers encountered some problems changing their old decoders. Some were told that the new decoders to be used for the free swop were out of stock. Many others were made to write and submit their contact details with a promise to be duly contacted once new decoders were available for the free swop. Consequently, many more people have not been able to exchange their old model DStv decoders for the free new models.
I went round to ascertain the true situation of things and was amazed to get positive results. MultiChoice is still exchanging old DStv model decoders for new models free of any charges this year 2015. Let us recall that the decoder models chosen by MultiChoice for the free change are the DSD 990, DSD 910 and the old SD PVR decoders and Dual Views.


How do you know your decoder is amongst these list? Simply check behind your decoder box. There is a white label with some coded inscriptions on it. There you shall see clearly the decoder model written as DSD 990 or 910. For the SD PVR decoders, your decoder is grey or silver colored and bulky in size. The PVRs have the ability to rewind, record, fast-forward recorded contents and so on.
The DStv Dual View decoders can display two channels simultaneously on two TVs with just one decoder hardware. Also, you can still verify your decoder’s identity by checking for the white label usually placed behind the decoder box. If your decoder has any of these features, then it could be due for the free decoder exchange currently in progress from MultiChoice DStv.
Let us not forget that MultiChoice proposed some rules to guild the free exchange of old DStv decoder models for new ones. The primary condition is that the decoder in question has to be in use at least 3 months before the time of free exchange. The implication is that there has to be an active subscription on the decoder’s account. MultiChoice would not like a situation a customer would abandon his decoder for months or years, only to resuscitate it upon hearing that the decoder is being freely swopped by MultiChoice DStv.



For those who returned DStv decoder DSD 990 or 910, they are being issued with the new DStv HD Zappa decoder. This decoder is the first ever non-PVR HD single view decoder in Nigeria. It is similar to the DStv Explora in terms of software operating system technology. It also has so many other features that would open your eyes to a new level of advanced TV entertainment technology.



MultiChoice has prepared a list or template of all affected customers in possession of the eligible decoders. When you visit any branch of MultiChoice or DStv super dealer branch, present your old decoder. Your name will be checked against the template and if found, your decoder will be swopped instantly. New DStv decoders are very much available now.
However, if your account name was not found on the template but on cross-checking, found that your decoder does not breach any of the above-mentioned rules, your decoder shall still be honoured and your name eventually added to the template and forwarded to the higher level of MultiChoice Branch.
You do not have any more time to waste. I do not know how long this might continue but it is still very much in progress at this time. Please rush down now and have your decoder exchanged for a new model so that you will not be left behind when the old models eventually stop working properly. You are not expected to pay any money for the swop, unless your decoder falls out of agreement with the laid down rules of exchange as presented by MultiChoice DStv.


  1. It seems the older decoders cannot be swapped for free. See link:

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