Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Since 1995 when MultiChoice introduced DStv and later GOtv into the Nigerian market, both brands have continued to dominate the satellite TV industry. Despite these huge gains, they cannot deny there have been major problems with the DStv and GOtv systems which have continued unabated. The implication is that many Nigerians who have subscribed to the DStv and GOtv technological services have continued to suffer in silence.

Unfortunately, no Government in Nigeria so far have been able to address these problems by creating the political atmosphere for their solutions to thrive. There have been unverified grass root allegations that authorities in power benefit directly or indirectly from MultiChoice Nigeria’s DStv and GOtv services, which makes matters die a natural death whenever there are moves to address the problems of DStv and GOtv at the Nigerian National Houses of Assembly.

 I have been able to tabulate these problems with DStv and GOtv from complaints from a very large number of their customers and subscribers from all over Nigeria. In this publication, you are very likely to find the problems that are peculiar with what you are facing or something related to them. However, DStv World Media is currently working on a move to report these problems to a proper channel with a view to seeing them become things of the past. So you are encouraged to add your voice in the comments after this post below to air your view.

Have you ever seen customers complain about DStv bouquet high tariffs? This is undoubtedly one of the major problems with DStv and even GOtv which customers now complain of insufficient channels for what they pay as subscription. Interestingly, MultiChoice reportedly claimed that it costs much to assemble and produce their contents which is why it is costly to enjoy their services. I know they have good programs, quality video and audio and superb technology to propagate their signals but can’t they do something to make it affordable?

Unfortunately, DStv has stuck the greatest percentage of their crowd-pulling Premium channels on their highest bouquet of 11,650 NGN and even higher. If you don’t pay 11,650 NGN, you cannot watch your HD channels, Super Sports football matches and almost all M-Net movie channels. What really do we do?

Subscribers to GOtv contents complain that they are stuck to the highest plan of 1,500 NGN which is for GOtv Plus Bouquet. So if you wish to add more channels to your view, you cannot get it done on GOtv. This major problems keep staring people in the face especially in Nigeria where DStv and GOtv enjoy the largest market in the whole of Africa.

Occasional Loss of DStv and GOtv Signal is another major problem which has left many customers helpless. Following the frequency of these occurrences, a major slogan has become the order of the day – “rain come, DStv go”. I understand there may be good reasons and you can even read for yourself why DStv signals are interrupted when rain falls but what we need are solutions. Most solutions proffered in signal loss situations are only temporary but effective. In this era of revolutionized digital satellite TV technology, subscribers expect a permanent and effective solution to the problem of DStv and GOtv signal losses.

There are also many other major problems of DStv and GOtv which are yearning for effective solutions. We have issues like “Smartcard faulty”, “subscription validity in Progress” and so on. In each of these problems, I personally recommend visiting any DStv or GOtv attention centre around you. This is essential to avert the problem of complicating the issue in trying to fix the problem by your hands.


  1. DSTV and GoTV are cheating on us ibn this country. Many of the CableTV company in Developed countries offer Internet service to their customers by obtainable through cable modem but in Nigeria, DSTV and GOTV are not giving us such advantage. We need internet service from the CATV companies.

  2. You are a Really smart guy for titling your article as thus and providing not one problem and it's solution.


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