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Monday, 9 February 2015


If you are reading this post, you may have probably been a victim of endless unwanted or unsolicited text messages bumping into your mobile cell phone. Undoubtedly, these experiences could be annoying and have even caused many people to forcefully change their SIM cards. Some people call them “spam messages” or “unsolicited SMSs” but whatever it is, such experience is always most frustrating. Never lose hope, I will show you in this post how you can stop unwanted text message SMS from coming to your mobile cell phone.

When you see messages from numbers like 35020, 33151 congratulating you on having a lucky winning number, or asking you to receive health tips for just #100 a week, do you feel good? Some of these numbers may even be coded like “HEALTHTIPS”, “NAIJATODAY” etc. which leaves no notice on how to unsubscribe if the recipient so wishes.

Ironically, these unwanted text messages are propagated by Nigeria’s telecommunication network service providers without due consideration of the comfort of the customers they are meant to protect. Almost all the network providers in Nigeria are guilty of this crime. I call it “a crime” because the Nigerian Government through the Nigerian Communications Commission NCC have severally warned network service providers against such unchecked unsolicited SMSs.

Some unwanted text messages also come from the internet. Someone sits on a laptop, cues in series of random phone numbers and sends texts via an online bulk SMS service provider.

Currently, there are laws and penalties to checkmate unwanted text messages instituted by the Nigerian Government but so far these laws do not seem effective. However, you can actually do something to stop unwanted spam text messages from bothering your cell phone.


Basically, your best defense against unwanted text messages or spam texts or unsolicited messages is to never reply. You might wonder how this is so. Yes, when you reply to these text messages, the senders actually know they are reaching you and so would continue trying. If you ignore them, the messages will gradually stop coming because they are not getting results from their victim recipients.

Secondly, here is a mobile App that efficiently checkmates these unwanted text messages from your mobile phones. It is called the Binga Mobile App. This is an android application recently developed by a concerned ICT security expert to help combat this unwanted spam messages. It’s designed to actively protect your phone from all unsolicited SMS messages on all Nigerian GSM networks. Mind you, my interest is not on the advert but on its efficacy in stopping unwanted or unsolicited text messages from disturbing your mobile phone lines.

Thirdly, you can put a call through to your service provider asking them to blacklist those numbers or unsubscribe you from the reach of those unwanted text message numbers.

To reduce the number of unwanted texts you receive, you may also apply these tips:
  • Be careful about giving out your mobile phone number or any other personal information.
  • Check for a privacy policy when submitting your wireless phone number to any website or data base. Find out if the policy allows the company to sell your information.
  • Do not respond to unwanted texts from questionable sources. Several mobile service providers allow you to forward unwanted texts by simply texting it to 7726 (or "SPAM") to block the sender. However, network providers in Nigeria may have their different ways of reporting SPAM messages. Check with your provider about other options.
  • Consider using two email addresses – keeping one for personal messages only.
These measures prescribed here on how to stop unwanted or spam text message SMS to your mobile cell phone in Nigeria may not eliminate the text messages completely but will definitely reduce it to the barest minimum. You will begin to enjoy the privacy that has long been denied you by these senders of unsolicited text messages. Enjoy!


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