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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


The rains are back in Nigeria and it is occasioned with lightning strikes and windstorms. If you have been wondering how best to safeguard your DStv or other satellite cable TV service in your home from weather-related damages, then this post will provide the answer for you.

In Nigeria and at rainy seasons, people experience destructive lightning strikes, irregular power supply and terrible windstorms. These weather conditions are very injurious to your DStv or other satellite TV cable gadgets in your home. The strikes as well as irregular power fluctuations could burn these electronic gadgets, the windstorms are here to make you lose satellite signals but when you know how to protect your DStv or other satellite cable TV during rainy seasons, Nigerians can maximize the pleasure of their TV viewing experience throughout this rainy period.


The first major protective step to take this rainy season is to ensure your home has a good earthed lightning arrestor. You may be a tenant in your compound and may not know if your building has this lightning arrestor. Asking your landlord and getting him to install it will be a good start. With the presence of a functional lightning arrestor, your DStv or other satellite TV cable services are protected from imminent lightning attacks.
Science taught us that lightning is drawn to the highest points of every environment. Ensure that the installed lightning arrestor is raised high above every other object in and around your building for effective protection of your devices.
Also avoid metallic sharp points from piercing anywhere along the entire DStv or other satellite cable system. From the satellite dish mounted outside, through the cable wires and down to the decoder, avoid interference from any metallic object. This metals could conduct electrical charges and when they pierce any circuit point of your DStv or other systems, some electrical faults could be generated which could damage your system.



It is almost a custom in Nigeria that when rain comes, electrical power goes. Sometimes you experience dangerous power fluctuations which can shut down your DStv decoder or other systems even beyond repair. As a safety precaution, I advise you always use a voltage protective device. In addition, always switch off and unplug your DStv decoder or other satellite cable TV decoders when not in use. This is one of the best ways to protect your DStv and other devices during rainy seasons in Nigeria.



Being a natural phenomenon in Nigeria, we do not have control over windstorm. Rather, we can only take measures to minimize its effect on our DStv. It is evident that windstorms affect your DStv and other satellite cable TV signal reception. You can read up Why Bad Weather or Rainfall Distorts DStv Signal and How to Stay Entertained

To checkmate the effect of windstorms on your DStv, ensure that your satellite dish is tightly installed. This will not eliminate its effect completely but will effectively minimize it. Always engage professional installers or technicians when working on your satellite dish.
Millions of people are on the DStv and other satellite cable TV service grid in Nigeria. Therefore knowing how to protect your DStv and other satellite cable TV during rainy season in Nigeria will largely benefit you socially and economically. Even now that Nigeria is experiencing another rainy season, there is no better time to implement these measures than now.

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