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Do you intend buying a new Startimes Digital TV decoder and antenna or you own one already and you are thinking of how to install or manage it, I will show you a step by step approach of how it is done. Startimes is one of the cheapest digital multichannel pay-tv services in Nigeria and it is very easy to install. However easy it may be, it still presents a technical pattern that can give good results only when followed strictly.

Many technical details are involved in learning how to install Startimes Digital TV decoder and antenna but I shall simplify the procedure through my step by step approach. You would not need any technical experience to understand my explanation of the process. Fortunately enough, the requirements are light weighted and few in number. They are just the Startimes antenna, Startimes decoder, connecting cable wire, an external lengthy pole and few accessories which accompany the decoder and antenna on purchase.


Let me take few minutes of your time to explain the technology behind the Startimes digital TV service. When you understand this technological process, it would help you appreciate the installation process better and ensure you get desired installation results.

Startimes technology is based on the digital terrestrial signal transmission called the Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial technology DVB - T. This process uses high towered signal transmission masts to propagate their signals within a defined geographical area. All you require to capture this signal is a special ariel antenna connected to a digital signal decoder which is set at same frequency parameters with the frequency of the propagated signal. Always remember that the best signal reception is obtained when there are no obstructions around your ariel antenna when raised high to its towering position.

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You can copy this section and save it anywhere easily accessible just to accompany you when installing your Startimes digital TV decoder and antenna. When you disassemble the antenna from its pack, so many accessories may look confusing. Be careful as not to misplace even the smallest of these items as they perform unique functions in the installation procedure.
  •  insert the long pole-end through the antenna hole and tighten the antenna rolling screws firmly until the pole laps tightly on the antenna back hole.

  • Notice that the connection cable wire has a screw end which you are expected to connect to the circuit box of the antenna facing down. Screw in the wire and ensure it goes in smoothly and tightly.

  • Remember to insulate or cover the wire screw end with a water-proof masking tape. This is to prevent air or moisture contact which causes rusting. It is also necessary to tie the cable wire gently but firmly to the pole. This ensures that the wire does not sway its weight down and disengage from the antenna circuit box when the pole is lifted up.

  • The success of your Startimes decoder and antenna installation largely depends on the level of signal obtained. At this stage, ensure the pole is raised high above any other obstruction. The roof of your building, electric power feeder wires and trees are common obstructions that may exist around your installation point. Stay away from all such obstructions.

  • Since it is terrestrial signal receptor, your Startimes antenna needs to face directly or relatively towards the transmission mast nearest to your locality. You can find out where the transmission mast is stationed by asking dealer offices around you.

  • After these steps, connect the other end of your cable wire to the "ANTENNA IN" port behind your Startimes digital decoder. Switch ON your decoder, run a scan and enjoy the thrilling view of the super digital collection of Startimes pay-tv service.

How to install Startimes digital TV

It does not matter whether you are male or female, you can comfortably learn how to install Startimes digital TV decoder and antenna with the step by step approach I listed here. If you encounter any problems in the process, come back to this page and ask me questions through the comment space below. I promise to give you a speedy feedback as soon as possible.


  1. I never realized that it was so easy to install a digital antenna these days. I was going to take my TV in to have it done for me but I think I might try it on my own now that I've read your article. Thanks for breaking down the whole process for us!

    1. If you already have cable or satellite service there are still some good reasons to buy an antenna anyways. First, a TV signal that is picked up over the air is optimal, meaning it hasn't been compressed, outdoor hdtv antenna

  2. How Do We Knw D Direction In Whz To Have The Signal, Pls Explan

    1. As a terrestrial antenna, signal comes from either the east, west, north or south directions. However, firstly look around to see if any of your neighbors is using similar antenna, then guage yours by their own antenna direction. If there is none, then try each of the 4 geographical directions. At each direction, run a rescan of your decoder. No signal?, continue to the other directions. Before you complete the four directions, your signal will smile back at you. But importantly, ensure that your antenna is high enough above all physical obstacles like buildings or trees. Thank you!

  3. All you require to capture this signal is a special ariel antenna connected to a digital signal decoder which is set at same frequency parameters with the frequency of the propagated signal tv antennas

  4. My Star Times set top box RF IN port appears too big for the other end of the outdoor Antenna to fit in. Kindly explain

    1. I realized this was an omission by the Vendor because they later gave me the missing component.

  5. why is it that my decoder and its aerial antenna does not work and am in arua in uganda

  6. Hi, I noticed my startimes only works well when there is PHCN power, but works poorly or not at all (NO SIgnal) when it's powered by my 5.5kva generator. Any advice on how to fix this problem, as PHCN power is very unrelaible

  7. Signal capacity-51
    Signal quality-90
    But it is not clear so what its problem there

  8. Please can someone here tell me how I can set the frequency

  9. I don't have the antenna can I use any satellite dish

  10. Easily make payment of your DStv bills, renew and subscribe to a preferred plan of your choice using

  11. How do you install star times satellite dish.have tried but it can't pick any signal

  12. My decoder can't reflect on my flat screen help


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