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Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Connecting your palmtop PC to internet has been made easy as many palmtops now have Wi-Fi technology which ensures direct link up. However, what if there is no Wi-Fi hotspot available? This development prompted me to show you a step by step guild to connect your palmtop computer to internet using a PC Card Modem. This method is very reliable as well as cheap and stable.

In using a PC Card Modem, care should be taken to use the recommended brands which are compatible to your brand of palmtop. You can find out the brands of compatible modems by reading through the readme.txt on the installation CD ROM of your palmtop device. They are usually listed there or you log on to the website to Google it.

For instance, to install a PC Card Modem on a HP Palmtop model, the information on compatible modems are available on or listed here below;

  • Motorola Montana 33.6
  • Megahertz XJ4288
  • Megahertz XJ2288
  • Nokia DTP-2H GSM Data Card (use 9600 baud for fax and data only)
  • Motorola Montana Lite 33.6
  • COM One 33.6 (Do not use at baud rates below 4800)
Most PC Card Modems use intensive power hence it is highly recommended to use AC adaptors whenever a modem is connected.

Primarily, the internet settings are all you need to get and you can get it solely from your network provider or internet service provider ISP. One major consideration is the operating system of your palmtop device. Any particular OS of a palmtop has a unique modem internet configuration setting and this must be sourced from your ISP.

Below are the parameters you need to acquire from your ISP to enable you connect your palmtop PC to internet using a PC Card Modem;
  • Username
  • Password
  • IP address (some ISPs many allocate addresses automatically)
  • DNS server addresses (some ISPs may also allocate this automatically)
  • local telephone number of ISP modem
  • Method of ISP authentication
Please note that for email connectivity, you will require the following parameters inclusive;
  • Post Office Protocol POP server name
  • the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP server name. This parameter could be identical to the POP server name
  • POP Mailbox username
  • POP Mailbox password
However, for a World Wide Web www connectivity;
  • World Wide web Proxy server name
  • WWW proxy server port. This is usually 8080 or 8088
Having fulfilled these conditions, your palmtop can confortably get connected to the internet with the PC Card Modem properly inserted.

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